Selective Demolition

The process

Selective demolition is a process where the demolition activities are sequenced in such a way that it makes way for the separation of building materials and then sorting them out. The act involves the removal of selective parts of building; the removal of portions or components of a structure. This process is used to demolish certain interior finishes without affecting the remaining structure in any way.

The projects involving selective demolition are the ones which have environmental ramifications. There are structural considerations in this process since these can have potential impacts to the other works which are happening within the adjacent area. For example, if a selective demolition work is going on within operating facilities like factories, schools, offices or hospitals, then the work goes on while the facilities remain fully functional.

Services and providers

There are several construction contractors who offer a wide range of selective demolition services. Usually these companies draw an outline of the whole project, how and when it is to be carried out and lay out the plans for every part of the demolition work. They play a key role in anticipating the possible problems that can arise and prepare solutions for them. These demolition service providers handle every kind of task right from the extensive renovation of the buildings to seismic retrofits of multi-story buildings to condo conversions.

Besides, the companies also engage in tasks like removal of conveyers, stairs, elevators, boilers, escalators, stacks etc. They also take up simple interior demolition works. There are service providers who also take up drilling and installation jobs. Some of the other jobs that include selective demolition are concrete roughening, bridge retrofit works, surface preparation and base isolation. So, if you have been worrying about the removal of your penthouse or those unwanted sections of your warehouse, then call up your nearest service provider soon and get your work done in the most hassle free way.