Self-Hypnosis – Steps 1-3 For Autosuggestion

This article is meant as a preparation lesion for the self hypnosis session. This is part 1 (steps 1 – 3).

If I had to choose a picture to describe the relationship between autosuggestion and hypnosis, I would definitely pick the nail and hammer association. Thus, I would say autosuggestion is the nail and hypnosis is the hammer; even if this image may seem rather abstract or exaggerated to you now, at the end of the article things will lighten up and you will understand the association.

Autosuggestion has been coined by Emile Coue, who used it in combination with hypnosis and imagination. He also came up with the well known saying – Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better 'that we quote so often.

We have coined the term "autosuggestion" – now is time now we learn how exactly to use it. Here are the first 3 steps to follow:

1. Write down your suggestion. The key is to be positive and logical. This step is paramount in this exercise since it helps you get a clear image of your problem or desire and at the same time forces you to face it.

2. Symbolize your suggestion by only one, simple word. Find the right word to personify your idea and when doing that stay away from negative words. Do not use negative expressions like 'lose weight' for example if you want to get slim; in this particular case the word slim is the best idea for personifying your aim. Thus, picture yourself as slim.

3. Read your suggestion and analyze it. Make sure it is logical, positive and clear. If you have doubts about it, start again and destroy this first version.

If your mind may drift other phrases related to the symbol, phrases or words you initially wrote down, let them in and try to build up a picture using them, for example looking good in a bikini on the beach in case you are a woman. In other words, try to visualize how you will act as a slim person who is invited by everyone. Let that feeling of pleasure get you and do not think of anything, just feel that pleasure the slim version of you gives you. Let the images related to it come and go of your mind.