Sentenced to the Chair – Reduce Tummy Fat at the Office

If you work at the office, you must be familiar with the following day-to-day routine that includes waking up, getting ready and coming to work. The next eight to ten hours would only be sitting – sitting in front of the computer, sitting in the cafeteria, sitting with your boss etc.

Even if you do manage to get a 30-minute exercise during the day, you're still spending most of your time sitting in a chair. It would not be hard to look down at your belly while you start wondering what you can do to reduce your tummy fat during your working hours at the office.

There are a few small things you can do with your office chair to help burn surplus fat.

Standing hip extension

o Stand and place your right foot on the chair with the knee bent.

o Tighten your right buttock and reach overhead, as high as possible, with your right hand, while bending slowly to the left.

o Hold this position for 30 seconds while remembering to clench your abs the whole time. This also helps strengthen your hip and back muscles.

Wall slide

o Stand with your back and head against the wall.

o Place your arms against the wall so that they form a "W" with your shoulders and elbows

o Slide your arms up so that this time they form a "Y". Remember to keep your back straight and abs flexed.

o Hold and count to three. Go back to "W" position

o Repeat twelve times. This also helps prevent rounded shoulders.

Back stretch

o Sit so that your shoulder blades are just above the back of your office chair.

o Breathe in, place your hands behind your head ("sit-ups" style) and bring elbows together.

o Arch your torso backwards against the office chair and push elbows upward. Exhale.

o Hold and count to three. Repeat twelve times. This also prevails hunchback.

One important point in this article is that exercising every now and then may not count for "active" lifestyle, but since you have a busy life, it is better to use your time at the office for improving your health.

Strengthening the abs and core muscles comes first to reduce tummy fat, as these are the ones that actually help in pulling up the overall belly shape from the inside. You can do sets of planking exercises for 60 seconds each, and then repeating sit-ups until you fail. Remember to keep count, so that on the next day you can attempt to break that record with more repetitions. Once you get the hang of it, focus on varying your exercises and doing more repetitions. Always remember that the effects of high-intensity exercise, coupled with intense bursts of cardio, can be long-lasting, as long as you remember to do them regularly.

It'll only be a matter of time before you greatly reduce your tummy fat and feel like a champion in your office chair!