Serbia’s Ten Wonderful Places to Visit

Serbia is a country that once was a part of Yugoslavia, and it is situated in Southern Europe. It is bordered by Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, and Romania. Like any other European countries, Serbia has a lot to offer its tourist population, and here are ten wonderful places that a visitor should visit once in Serbia.

1.) Palic

This is fast becoming known as a summer place and is a favorite summer resort. Here, you can see the lake and enjoy walks in Palic’s baroque parks. Also, for the culture buff, you have the monuments to see as well as the Film Festival and the World Etno Music Festival.

2.) Staro Selo

In this area, you will get to see a 19th-century church that is made of wood and was built by Vujica Vulicevic. During that century, this church was an ingenious architecture as it can easily be dismantled once invaders like the Turks are in the area and rebuilt in another safer location. This is now considered as one of Serbia’s national treasures.

3.) Guca Village

Once every year, this little village is host to the brass music festival or what is commonly called the Trubaci Festival. You will also enjoy the native dishes of Serbia here as well as partake in the excitements and the lively atmosphere of the festival. You will also get to hear beautiful orchestra music that showcases the trumpets.

4.) Zlatibor

This is a place that is famous for its mountain resorts. You can visit the towns and villages here like the Kraljeve Vode where you can have a good time as well as visit some historical museums. There are also ski resorts here located in Tornik and Ribnica, etc.

5.) Kapoanik National Park

There are so many accommodations that you can rent in this area if you want to stay here longer and explore the park more. It is also home to beautiful ski resorts. Its majestic scenery full of river gorges as well as a myriad variety of trees will be enough to take your breath away.

6.) Petrovaradin Fortress

History says that this fortress has never been overcome by any invader. Now, it houses a museum that showcases artifacts from the pre-historical era as well as modern artifacts. There is also an observatory and planetarium here that you can visit and enjoy.

7.) Sokobanja

So far, this is where most tourists go to as it is a popular spa town. You can also find plentiful accommodations here that have modern amenities. One of them is the Apartment Borici where you can find relaxation and some peace and quiet as you enjoy your stay.

8.) Belgrade Zoo

This zoo is located at the heart of the city of Belgrade, and it is also called Good Hope Garden. This is made more popular by serving as a nursery for baby animals that were left defenseless in the wild. Belgrade Zoo is home to about 2000 animals aside from the domestic animals that it also houses.

9.) Mediana

If you are a history buff, then you should not miss going to Mediana as this is a very historical place because this is the birthplace of Constantine the Great. Now, you will see here the ruins of the imperial palace of the Naissus era as well as other luxury villas. Marvel at their beautiful mosaic floors and the ingenuity of Roman bathrooms.

10.) Skull Tower

This is truly a sight to behold as this tower contains 952 skulls of Serbian rebel armies. They were killed during the early 1800 revolution against the Ottoman Empire. As a warning, the rebels’ skulls were mounted on top of the tower to dissuade other would-be rebels.