Set Up A Promotional Day To Effectively Market Your Cause

For charities, organisations and private businesses, finding a new and innovative way to market your cause can be an ongoing problem. One method that has sprung up over recent years has been campaign days geared around highlighting a particular cause, such as World Environment Day and Alcohol Awareness Week. These can be prime opportunities for charities and groups to get a great deal of exposure for their cause and provide invaluable promotional benefits. Recently, private businesses have followed suit, with EDF Energy launching their own “Green Britain Day” to bring attention to their own green credentials.

If you are looking to draw attention to a particular cause or you can promote your brand by hosting a special event based on what you do, promotional days like these can be extremely effective. For starters the press love it and there can be the opportunity for plenty of free publicity.

It is also a fantastic occasion for supplying a range of promotional gifts to publicise the event and if it is for a cause that people feel passionate about, promotional gifts can provide a great opportunity to get your brand recognised with a specific cause.

If people identify with the cause then they are going to want to identify with a brand that promotes that cause and so will be very willing to display your promotional gifts, whether it’s by wearing a t-shirt or wearing a branded badge. In this scenario, promotional gifts go beyond promoting the brand and are seen to be supporting the cause that the day is highlighting. It is obvious that if you are trying to associate your brand with a cause, this is the perfect outcome.

Promotional gifts are an essential part of any promotion such as this as it increases the visibility of a brand. For any occasion where there will be lots of people and the potential for cameras and journalists, branded promotional gifts are a must as they will get your brand seen and recognised as being associated with the cause. This has obvious advantages for brand awareness and is an effective way of getting your message across.

Whether a company is looking to rebrand to promote its green credentials or align itself with a particular cause, a feature day is the perfect way to raise attention and get people thinking about a brand in terms of the cause they are supporting.