Setting Goals Is For Suckers – How To Create a Life Plan Will Ensure You Reach Your Dreams

SuperSelf is a book authored by Charles J. Givens that provides a done for you road map on how to achieve your goals – both personal and business. This is not some whiz bang one click answer to all of your problems. It’s a book written long before the internet boom and before Facebook was the first thought on everyone’s frontal lobe. A small ten dollar investment in this book can be worth thousands of times what the person will pay who takes action with the secrets revealed by Charles.

Action plans, dreams and goals don’t sound like 3 things that will lead to an exciting weekend. However after reading Superself by Charles J. Givens they seem to be words that have been rattling around in my head for over 10 years. Instead of the hyperbole that we are so used to being inundated with on a minute by minute basis from items like our iPhones, iPads, Kindles and plasmas this book will logically and calmly explain a very easy way to reach all of your goals.

You Can’t Achieve What You Don’t Believe

The first step to achieving your goals is writing them down. Anyone who’s been to a 25₵ self help seminar has had this notion beat into their heads. Unfortunately it’s 100% true. As Given’s states without a clearly defined goal one simply cannot create the action plan to get there.

Givens’ Action Plan Blueprint

  • Write down every step that will get you to your goal
  • Categorize them from easiest to toughest
  • Add a strict time when each step will be completed
  • If needed create sub-steps inside of each step to move yourself along

Remember – you can’t eat an elephant in one bite. You have to cut them up into a million pieces and chew each one up.

Actions plans are really the unspoken secret to successful goal setting and more importantly successful goal achieving. When a logical, well thought out action plan is clearly spelled on pen a paper it shows the goal setter where and how to take each step. Without actions plans you will not successfully reach your goals on any type of consistent basis.

As you create your steps via your action plan your goals will eventually become achievements. As Charles says “The funny thing is your goals actually become a forgone conclusion”. Meaning as you become proficient creating and taking your action steps your goals being achieved will become automatic.

Let’s not forget one of the most important aspects of Superself, and that’s dreams.

Without dreams there are no goals to achieve.

Without dreams Apple Computers and Ford Mustangs would not exist.

Without dreams the guy who was a nerd in high school would never end up marrying the prom queen ten years after they both graduate from high school.

Before you start dreaming too much one of Givens’ mentors, the great Napoleon Hill summed it up in one very poignant statement – A Goal Without a Deadline is Simply a Dream.

In closing Charles wanted all of his readers to remember first you need to have a dream, then decide it’s become a goal to be achieved by a certain time, then you must create actions plans to achieve that goal.