Setting Up a Standard Home Office Will Give Your Home Based Business a Better Chance of Success


It has become a fad these days for people to set up one form of business or the other at home. Part of the reason is the relatively low startup and running costs of such Home Based Businesses.

One of the ways to ensure success of your Home Based Business is to establish a standard home office.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the type of fixtures, furniture and equipment that should be acquired and the beneficial effects they have on the success of the business.

What is a Home Office?

It’s a specific place in your home that you have chosen to be your primary place of work.

But honestly the more dedicated and professional the office space, the better chances of more productive work taking place.

My usual advice is that every Home Based Business owner should endeavor to dedicate a room as an Office if there’s enough space.

Requirements For A Standard Home Office

A standard Home Office should be equipped with appropriate basic fixtures, furniture and equipment to enable it function efficiently.

What I recommend as basic furniture and equipment for a standard home office are listed below:

• Ergonomic Desk

An ergonomic desk is a functional desk specifically built to alleviate stress during work. The desk should be at the right level to enable you rest your elbow and write conveniently.

• Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is designed to support long periods of work by providing the right amount of sitting comfort. It should be built to support the lumbar region. This will help reduce back pain since you’ll be spending a good part of your time on it.

• One or Two Visitor Chairs

There should be at least one Visitor chair

• Fireproof Filing Cabinet

Getting a fireproof filing cabinet is very important. It will help secure important documents in case of fire.

• Laptop Computer

You should have a Laptop computer with a good broad band internet connection. Endeavor to install the latest micro soft office suite.

• Dedicated Official Phone Line

As a Home Business Owner, projection of a professional image is very important. So ensure that you get a dedicated phone line for your home business. Don’t forget to train every one that may answer the phone on how to answer with an official welcoming voice.

• Adequate Lighting

There must be adequate lighting in order to provide the right eye comfort and ambience.

• Printer, Copier and Scanner

Every standard home office should have a Printer, Copier and Scanner. In order to cut down on cost and manage available space more efficiently, you can invest in a 3 in 1 printer

• Paint Color

A light colored shade is usually preferable. It will give the office the right ambience and create the right mood for work.

• Properly Positioned Electrical Sockets

Appropriately located electrical sockets are good for easy use of Laptops, Printers and any other equipment that may require power source.

These are the things required in a Standard Home Office.

With all these properly arranged, you’re good to go.

Benefits Of A Dedicated Home Office

• Improved Productivity

Psychologically, once you step into the home office, you tell yourself that you have reported for duty and you behave like somebody at work.

• Professional Image

Any Client coming to discuss business with you will take you more seriously because a dedicated Home Office gives the business a Professional outlook

• More Privacy

You let everyone understand that once you’re in that room called Home Office, you should not be disturbed except in an emergency.

The overall benefit will lead to more productive work and increase in profits.


Indeed having a dedicated well equipped Home Office will help you work comfortably for longer hours thereby reducing Stress.

You’ll be able to increase your productivity and boost the growth of your business.

If you don’t have enough funds to put all the above mentioned things in place, just get started with what you have and upgrade as you go along.

In the final analysis, a dogged determination to succeed coupled with other attributes of the success matrix will play a major part in the success of your Home Based Business.

We have come to the end of this discussion.

Do you have anything to add? Perhaps I omitted something?

Please feel very free to send in your thoughts and suggestions.