Seven Reasons to Use RSS

The first reason to use RSS for internet users is that it keeps you up to date with the current news or favorite topics. As soon as a new post is added to a website or a news story is posted, it immediately goes to the RSS feed and is sent out to subscribers. This means readers can stay on top of the New York Stock Market, local weather, or animal rights, whatever they want to stay up with all the time.

For webmasters, if you have an RSS feed you will want to ensure your feed is listed in as many directories under the proper category so you can obtain as many subscribers as possible.

The next reason is it saves time. Instead of searching through all your favorite websites several times per day to learn if new posts have been uploaded, the feed will automatically update, which will save you time.

Readers have the decision in what they want to read. When you find a topic of interest you can subscribe to the RSS feed. The feed only displays titles and short blurbs about the article, this way readers can choose if they want to read more and then click the link to read the entire article.

No more emails. By subscribing to RSS feeds, you will not have to subscribe to newsletters to get the latest news. As a matter of fact, when you subscribe to an RSS feed, the only time you need to use your email address to sign up. You will not receive any emails except for the first one confirming your subscription to the feed. You will read the feed using an RSS aggregator.

RSS feeds are as close to spam free as you can get. Since you only have to click on titles that are interesting and the only thing displayed is the title and short blurb then you will not have to worry about spam.

You can choose to unsubscribe any time. You do not have to do much at all to unsubscribe except hit a button. When you try to unsubscribe from a newsletter, there is always several steps, which can be a huge hassle.

The last reason to use RSS is that you can find products you want to purchase and webmasters can use the feed to advertise their products. When you see a review or a sale on the feed, you can easily click the link to purchase the products.

Whether you are a publisher or reader, now you know the best reasons to use RSS and stay on top of the latest news as well as keep your readers up to date.