Seven Things You Should Do On Your Next Texas Vacation

Being able to take a break from life is something we all look forward to, which means that when it comes to taking a vacation, we really want to be sure to make it count. Earth is a pretty big planet, and while there are a number of places on the globe you could travel to your next vacation, you might consider Texas vacations to be requisites for your next few getaways.

Texas? Really? Absolutely! Before you begin to scoff at the idea of ​​spending your well-earned time-off in the Lone Star State, you might want to consider what it is that you do on standard vacation. You travel by either land, sea, or air. You make it to your lodging, and more often than not, you might just call your first day a "chill" kind of day. You figure you'll regroup, get refreshed with a good night's sleep, and when the morning comes, vacation mode will be in full-effect. You take in the sights, buy meals out, take in more sights, and then head back to the hotel or vacation rental. You're absolutely tired, and you very quickly begin to think that maybe a "hotel day" would be a good option instead of seeing more sights. Eh.

With a vacation in Texas, you can not help but run into things to do, see, and experience everywhere you go. Moreover, why not make it a really memorable getaway by renting a car & having an epic road-trip through the state? The options are really pretty endless.

But before you get overwhelmed thinking that you would not know where to start, here are seven things that need to be part of your next Texas vacation:

Take a Picture with a "Do not Mess with Texas" Sign – As iconic as they are important, Texas prides itself on maintaining the stunning looks of its land.

Take a Pit-Stop at A Buc-ee's – If you think you've been to a convenience store on a road-trip before, you will be sorely mistaken. Be prepared for an experience.

Cruise on I-35 – It's the major thoroughfare in Texas. You can not say you've driven in Texas unless you've hit this highway.

Check Out Historical Markers Along the Way – With as much history as there is in Texas, you'll find countless historical markers everywhere you go.

Visit the George HW Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station – Fmr. President Bush is the longest-living president in history, and his decades of service to this country make this destination a must.

Check out an Antique CW Parker Carousel in Brenham – Tremendous craftsmanship that is over a century old & is the only example of a CW Parker carousel with Herschell-Spillman horses.

Explore Washington-on-the-Brazos – See "Where Texas Became Texas" with the site of the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836.

Texas vacations may not seem like they would provide you and your family with much in the way of entertainment and excitement. You figure if you've seen one part of Texas, you've seen pretty much all of Texas. Therein lies the biggest mistake you could make about the Lone Star State. Texas has a rich history and cultural heritage that makes it statehood one of the truly interesting benefits to prominence in the country. You owe it to yourself to make Texas a major candidate for your next getaway.