Sex Positions – Ananga Ranga Positions for Great Orgasms

Did you know that in the ancient Eastern cultures, sexual intercourse was believed to be a spiritual exercise on the way to enlightenment? Experiencing orgasms was essential to lifting the mind to a higher sense of being.

Here are two more Ananga Ranga Positions to try out.

The Standing Swing

For this position to work, the man needs a strong back. If you have back problems, please do not attempt this position.

An easy way to try this is by having the woman stand on a chair or bed. The man then places his arms under the woman’s knees, and lifts her while supporting her legs on his inner elbows. Once she is at waist level, the woman will guide him into her, and then wraps her arms around his neck. The man locks his hands together and starts rocking or swinging the woman. This is a great position for G-Spot stimulation.

The opening Blossom

Here the woman lies on her back. She keeps her legs closed and straight as she lifts them up. The man then holds her legs up and enters her while sitting on his haunches. Penetration is deep and targets the G-Spot. The man can then press and release the woman’s thighs rhythmically for a tighter fit.

It is important to keep in mind that no matter what sex position you wish to try out, always be certain that your partner is comfortable with it too. It is important that both partners are having fun with these sex positions. The only way to ensure this is by always keeping the communication lines open between yourself and your partner.