Shade Sails – Turn Your Backyard Into a Summer Resort

Available in multiple colors and sizes, the sunshade sail can be installed using various design options including installation at various heights for an offset look that is visually stimulating. The colorful fabric and unique shapes provide a cool and relaxing atmosphere and a feeling of being on vacation without leaving the home. Shade sails are comprised of commercial grade knitted fabrics and can be easily cleaned using soap and water. The durable mesh tarp fabric is designed for years of enjoyment and is naturally resistant to mold, rot and mildew.

Selecting The Position Of Your Shade Sail:

Prior to purchasing a sail it is important to select and measure the installation areas. Consider what design element you are trying to achieve and pick the most suitable location. Some of the key factors you want to consider before purchasing a sail include

  • The desired size.
  • The desired shape.
  • The strength of existing structures that may be used as anchor points.
  • The direction of the sun at sunrise and sunset.

Once you have decided on the location for your sail it is important to consider and determine the fixing points. The fixing points where the sail will be attached can be and existing structure such as an attached patio, overhead deck or even the eaves on your house. If there is no existing structures for installation then consider using galvanized steel poles or wooden posts as anchor points. Post and pole lengths should be calculated with the consideration of both the desired height of the shade sail plus the depth of your footings. Properly designed footings should be a minimum of 32″ deep and 16″ square. Each footing should be filled using a concrete mixture.

Installing Your Shade Sail:

Once you have purchased your shade sail and it has arrived to your location, installation can begin. The sail can either be purchased with the fixing accessories included or they can be purchased separately. However, in order to properly secure any shade sail it is recommended that the manufacturers hardware be used to prevent any unforeseeable problems. The sail will be connected to the mounting points using the fixing accessories. It is important to ensure that all connections are secure and face towards the center point of the sail before attaching them to the anchor points. The shade sails use a ratchet tensioning system that can be adjusted until the desired look is achieved.

Installing a sunshade sail is the perfect do it yourself project for summer. Aside from the added benefits of shade and protection, the shade sail will instantly transform your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary. The elegant and modern looks of the shade sail will not only make everyday outdoor activities such as swimming and barbecuing more relaxing but will turn your home environment into a beachside resort like atmosphere.