Shag Pile Rugs – Pros and Cons

If you are thinking of purchasing shag pile rugs to go somewhere in your home they can make for an extremely nice feel and can also look great in a variety of styles. However, as with any other type, there are also some disadvantages when compared to a rug made from other varieties of piles. For this reason, we have identified some of the most common pros and cons when it comes to buying a shaggy rug. Hopefully the information supplied will help you to decide whether they will be the right option for your home.


Far and away the main advantage of purchasing a shaggy variety of rug is the overall quality and texture of the numerous options that are available. The feel of these underfoot is hard to match and they can be perfect for helping you to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day at work. You will find that you will be able to purchase a rug to fit in with pretty much any colour scheme in your home so you will not be limiting your options by deciding shaggy is the one for you. They can help to give a stylish look to a room and can either be used to create a stunning focal point or to simply compliment the rest of the decor.


Choosing to buy this type may mean that you end up spending more than a lot of other varieties, the main reason for this is due to the extra material that is needed to manufacture them. If you want one made from a higher quality material such as suede or leather then expect the price to reflect that as well. A shaggy rug will also be more difficult to keep clean than one made with shorter piles. The obvious reason for this is that dirt and dust can get stuck deep into the fibres meaning it may not necessarily all be picked up by simply running the vacuum over it. They are also much more prone to staining if anything is spilt on it, again due to the long piles that it is made from. For this reason, if anything is spilt then you must make sure that it is cleared immediately.

Purchasing any type of rug can be a good way of giving your home a new look and there are plenty of stunning varieties you can choose from. Shag pile rugs can be perfect for achieving a luxury feel in the living room or bedroom but you may have to pay more and also clean it much more thoroughly. If you need any advice about what is most suited for you then contact a professional who will be happy to help.