Shaggy Rugs Make a Comeback!

If you are short of cash – which most of us are these days – yet want to make a splash by decorating your house, how about buying a cost effective shaggy rug? These are one of the unique design items that epitomize the 1960's, and the shaggy is making a big comeback!

This type of rug has enjoyed a place in history since early Greek civilization, when a similar style of rug was invented using goats wool. Thankfully, technology has advanced and you no longer need to shear your goat to make your own shaggy rug!

These long pile rugs can be bought in a number of fibers ranging from cotton, wool and angora to luxurious leather. Shaggy rugs can also be found in a number of different colors and styles and designs to suit whichever room you wish to update.

Many people use these rugs to create a sumptuous or even seductive effect in a master bedroom. Just the thought of wriggling your toes into such a rug on a cold morning can make the idea of ​​getting up much more acceptable. And getting undressed in an evening? Well, we can leave that up to your imagination. Just remember it will be so much better with a shaggy rug involved!

So where else can you use a nice, cheap shaggy rug? They are brilliant for kids' rooms where some of the funkier colors and shapes can create a great focal point. Children also appreciate the long, soft pile of a shaggy rug as something that is comforting to them. These rugs can often be added to existing accessories to enhance whatever look your child decides is 'trendy' this month! Check out all the latest offers available online as there is bound to be a shaggy rug that would suit your kids' bedroom.

Our bathrooms are sometimes not as inviting as we would like them to be, as due to their nature they often have tiled or vinyl flooring. Couple this with the large amount of tiles used on bathroom walls and you have a very cold environment for somewhere that is supposed to be relaxing!

Counteract this naturally cooling effect by adding one or more vibrantly colored shaggy rugs and the image you create can be quite stunning. Bright colors will not only add vibrancy but also a feeling of warmth and depth to a chilly and usually small room. Try choosing the same colors for your towels, curtains and shaggy rug and the effect will be really dazzling.

Some people frown upon using a shaggy rug in the dining room as food residue can be trapped in the pile. However, if you follow simple housekeeping rules where your rug is concerned there should not be a problem. If you spill something on your rug, clean it as soon as possible to prevent staining. Vacuum regularly and shake outside to ensure thorough and deep cleanliness. By following these easy rules your rug should stay clean and fresh for many years to come.