Shark Tales Party Games Adds Bite to a Birthday

Shark Tales is a great theme for a child's party. You can serve blue kool-aid as Shark Punch and serve goldfish crackers to guests. To keep the kids busy long after the last of the snacks has been gobbled up, consider adding these Shark Tales party games.

Shark Tales Feeding Frenzy
Don Lino from Shark Tales is very hungry and is looking for some fish! Have the children help feed Don Lino by putting Goldfish in his belly! Draw and color a shark head on a large piece of poster board. Cut out a hole in his mouth large enough that small bags of Goldfish or Swedish Fish can to be tossed inside. At the party, line up the guests to help Don Lino! Hand each child three schools of fish which can be made by placing Goldfish or Swedish Fish into small sandwich bags. Every child who tosses all three schools of fish honey into the Sharks mouth wins!

Shark Ring Toss
The sharks are loose in the backyard Shark Tales game of Shark Ring Toss. Cut shark fins out of cardboard about two feet wide by one foot tall. Paint and scatter the fins in the backyard about five feet apart. Give each shark fin a point value increasing as the distance grows from the spot where children will be tossing. Line up the children behind a line spray painted in the grass and hand the first child a hula hoop. Tell the children their goal is to catch as many sharks by getting the hula hoop around the shark fin. The winner after three rounds is the one who has the highest point value of shark fins!

With party games like these, your Shark Tales party is sure to keep guests smiling from gill to gill.