Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen: A Review of the Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen

The Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen is well known amongst those who are advocates of luxurious writing instruments. This is because this pen is not just any writing device – it’s the epitome of writing luxury and grandeur. When you have this pen, it’s like you have a Ferrari, but for writing. To know more about this product, here is an in-depth review about it.

General Description

The Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen isn’t just any pen – it’s a statement of who you are, what your preferences are, and what you socioeconomic status is. When you have this pen, you feel like royalty. The inlaid 18 karat gold nib is what makes this pen absolutely amazing. It’s very pricey but it’s as valuable as it is priced, and it serves more as an accessory to display one’s status and power than as a writing material that is used for everyday writing activities.

However, as a fountain pen, Sheaffer delivers no less than excellent writing. Every swerve is smoothly followed by the pointed fountain tip that delivers ink in the most equal and professional way as possible. This is a perfect pen for signing checks, important documents, and for writing down short notes and messages on any kind of medium. This pen is also a valuable accessory which you can keep in your shirt pocket for a statement of your profession or status.


This is a full-bodied fountain pen with a wide profile, making it easy to grip and also relatively easy to write with. You can use either a converter or a cartridge as the ink of this pen. Although it’s perfect for smooth and perfectly styled writing, it isn’t advisable to be used for continuous writing activities because the ink consumption is quite big and it wouldn’t last too long if it was kept writing for several hours. However, cartridges are refillable and the pen itself is a durable piece of art that can last a lifetime if you take good care of it and use it properly. The pen also has a pen case included when you buy it, which is a very ornamental case that you can also display in your office. This case will help you keep your Sheaffer pen safe and always in good condition despite constant use and abuse.


There are six combinations of finishes and plating that the Legacy pen uses and you can choose from them whichever one you desire to have. The barleycorn sterling silver with 22 karat gold plate trim has a beautiful and elegant barleycorn design on the silver body of the pen. The barleycorn sterling silver with palladium plate trim has an all-silver appearance with the same ornamentation of barleycorn on the body of the pen. The black laque with palladium cap and 22 karat gold plate trim is very simple and elegant looking for that real classic style. The black laque with palladium plate trim is a combination of black and silver colors, making it also a very elegant pen with a unisexual inclination. The brushed 22 karat gold plate with 22 karat gold plate trim is an all-gold pen with a beautiful appearance that’s perfect for highly recognized individuals like successful business people, career people, politicians, and the like. The deep cut palladium plate with palladium plate trim is an all-silver color pen with striped cuts on the shaft of the pen and an elegant but simple appearance. The black laque with palladium cap and 22 karat gold plate trim is one of the best colors that I recommend because of its classic elegant look of black and gold – the color combination of kings and queens in the ancient times and the real shades of royalty and elegance.


The Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen isn’t just a pen – it’s a luxurious piece of art that creates a completely different world of writing than any other writing material. I highly recommend the Sheaffery Legacy Fountain Pen for all business people, politicians, millionaires, and even ordinary citizens out there who desire to have a pen that’s not just for writing but also for a personal statement of grandeur and elegance.