Shears and Shovels – Quality Garden Tools For Your Lawn and Garden

Shears and Shovels are a couple of quality garden tools you really can’t do without if you do a lot of gardening and lawn work. Their primary function is to assist in removing plants and soil from area to another. They have a mountain of uses to the average gardener.

Let’s talk about shears. Shears are really a simple looking tool. They look like a giant pair of scissors, and basically that’s just what they are. They both work under the same principle. Their job is to cut certain items. So the shears have to be able to cut, not necessarily just sharp. The blades have to come together just right to make the whole process work. There are a lot of different shears out there. Some are curved and have to come together just the right way. There are many designs to choose from. The only way to really know if a pair of shears will work the way you want them too is to test them out.

The second thing you have to look for in a pair of shears is do they fit your hands just right. If they don’t fit your hands properly you will not be able to operate them to high efficiency even if they are the sharpest shears in the world. When choosing a pair of shears for trimming bushes, weight becomes an important factor in picking the right pair. If you don’t pick one that fits your hands and is heavy enough you will not be able to close them and cut the branches. The curved shears, which are used to trim small plants, have to fit your hand precisely. If it does not, you will not make the cuts you need to make.

Now let’s talk about shovels, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are an invaluable tool for any lawn and garden. With the progress in super hard plastics, the handles for shovels have been made more light weight than ever before. They have not made a plastic yet though that can replace the metal used in the shovel blade. You want a shovel that won’t rust and a blade that won’t go dull, so that it will hold up to the hard rocky ground that you may have to dig in. You want a blade that is solid and is connected to an unbreakable handle as well. The first thing to normally go in your shovel is the handle. The shovel blade is very durable, but the handles come and go. Handles need to be able to withstand the rugged work ethics a shovel has to go through.

Metal handles are more durable but tend to be too heavy for constant shovel duties. Wood handles are great too if you get a piece of wood that is strong enough to stand the test of time. Plastic handles have come along way. They still need some work before they can hold up for the long haul. There are basically three types of shovels, the rounded blade, the triangular square blade and the long handled narrow blade.

If you have all three of these shovels than you are on your way to success and you can avoid some back breaking work. Well, no more work than you would normally do with a shovel. The long handled narrow shovel is excellent for removing weeds without having to bend over and kill yourself and for digging small holes and getting into smaller areas that a regular shovel just can’t seem to reach. Yes, these tools are great to have around any lawn or garden and will make life so much easier. You have to pick out the right design for you and then make them work out. They are quality garden tools you can depend on.