Shed Plans – Are You Choosing the Right Plans?

Let’s start off by looking at the different shed designs available. The most common will be the gable roof. Then there is also the gambrel style that resembles a barn. You also have the lean-to shed, which is great for narrow or limited space. The lean-to shed looks great against walls or fences. There is also the salt box design. It pretty much resembles a gable, except one side will not be even with the other. To get a better idea what these shed designs look like you can search the web and look at pictures of the different designs.

The size you choose to build, will of course be determined for the intention you plan to use it. What do you plan to use it for, or what do you plan to store inside? By knowing this you can get an idea of what size of shed plans you will need to find.

Where do you find shed plans? Well you can search for plans, there are lots of websites that have free and also very affordable plans. If you can not find any you should definitely consider purchasing. It is a very small investment, yes investment, that you will be making. I am sure adding a beautiful well built shed to your property is an excellent investment to your home. Another option to consider is drawing your own plans. Sheds are pretty much very basic structures. If you do some research, read some how-to books on sheds, I am sure you will have no trouble drawing up plans. Once you get an idea of what you want, and how to do it, you can build an excellent storage shed.

What kind of lumber should you use to build? The lumber you use will be the same type you use to build a house. The one exception I would imagine will be the foundation. If you are building a wood foundation or skid foundation, pressure treated lumber will be practical. Since the foundation is on the ground, there will be more moister, so pressure treated lumber is a good choice. Pressure treated lumber is treated to resist rot and decay making it last longer than regular framing lumber.

As with any other new construction project, you will need to be aware of any codes, or regulation that may be required. So check zoning laws, research as much as you can, and in due time you will have the storage space you very much need.