Shed Plans With Hardiplank – Is This The Best Way to Go?

Shed Plans with hardiplank siding, no doubt, offers great benefits to you as a property owner. However, the question remains if using hardiplank or fiber cement as a siding is the best way to go in your situation.

First, let me begin by saying that there numerous benefits in using hardiplank siding. This kind of material consist of a combination of cement-like materials as well as cellulose fibers. This combination of materials makes lends durability, beauty as well as value in a sense that you won’t have to worry about repainting costs for many years to come.

Aside from this, there are also other properties of hardiplank which makes it a very good material for your shed. Here are some these:

Fire Resistant

Hardiplanks, although is not fireproof, has a fire resistant property. This does not mean total security of your property against fire. No materials will ever do that – unless, you count solid brick walls. What hardiplank does is that, unlike vinyl with its petroleum composition or wood which is flammable, this material does not feed the fire. Thus you will have lots of time to keep the fire under your control should the worst thing happen.

Insect Resistant

Compared to wood, hardiplank are insect resistant. When you use this kind of material, insects such as ants or termites won’t be so much of an issue. This is because the cellulose fiber found in hardiplank is not so much to catch the interest of the insects.

Go Green

When you use hardiplank, you’ll be able to do your share in protecting the environment and going along with the green movement that has been trending these days. This is because, the sand and cement used in making hardiplank are in abundance while the cellulose fiber is not that much and it does not come from wood that are considered endangered. In this aspect, hardiplank is a much better option.

These are the advantages of using fiber cement or hardiplanks. On with the downside of using this material, you need to consider the following:


Hardiplanks is not cheap. At least, it is not if you compare it to its popular counterpart which is vinyl. On the average, fiber cement wold cost three times the total cost of using vinyl siding.


For the reason stated above, vinyl is easily more popular than hardiplanks. Thus, finding contractors to install vinyl siding is so much easier than finding a competent one for hardiplanks installation. Which leaves you with the option of doing it yourself if you have the capacity to do such.