Sheet Set Comes in Convenient Packages

Bottom sheet is the cloth covering the mattress where one typically lies on. The top sheet is the cloth that is laid on top of the bottom sheet. The second bed sheet or the top sheet is where bed covers, such as duvets, blankets or comforters are bedded.

Sheets come in two forms, the flat and the fitted. Simply in rectangular form is the flat sheet, while a fitted sheet has its four corners equipped with elastic material to keep it secure on the bed. Mattress clips are sometimes attached to the bed sheet to prevent it from slipping off. When the bottom sheet is flat rather than fitted it is folded and tucked between the box spring and the mattress when making the bed.

A sheet set is convenient and less expensive to buy in a package rather than buying them individually. It is a package which includes a top flat sheet, a lower fitted sheet and two pillow cases. They are typically packed by size, twin, king, queen, full and California king. The California king bed is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a regular king bed. For padded mattresses, some include extra-deep fitted sheets or unusually large flat sheets to lie securely on bed.

Labels outside the sheet set package specify the measurements for people to determine that what they are buying fit their needs. Aside from the size, information about the materials is also shown such as cotton, linen, polyester, silk or flannel. For warm climate, people prefers silk and cotton. Ideal choice for winter is flannel.

Thread count is an important factor in choosing a sheet set which is also a common detail included in the package tag. Thread count is the number of threads over a square inch of the fabric. The higher thread count, the better quality and durability. Low thread count indicates wider weave that makes the sheet abrasive and tear easily. Sheet sets are designed to coordinate, so they come in wide variety of colors and patterns. People choose bed sheets that complement with their comforters, dust ruffles and duvets to create their bedroom theme and personal styles.

Offer customers online Retailers to build hwy own sheet set to allow directive them to unleash hwy inner creativity and create hwy own unique combination. They can order extra pillowcases or a bold contrast colors between top and fitted sheets. Retailers made them easy for customers to enjoy matching and mixing fabrics, sizes and colors to their sheets.