Shield Your Digital Camera With Shades

If you think that shades or sunglasses are only created for people, think again. Many of you may not be aware that the digital cameras have their own version of the shades as well. And just like the shades we all know, those for digital cameras are also meant to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.

Exposing digital cameras to too much heat outdoors is not ideal. The LCD screen is very sensitive to light the reason why you need to shield it from extreme sunlight as much as possible to avoid any damage. This should not be a problem today, though, as there are digital camera accessories such as the shades that you can use. They’re not only great in protecting your highly valuable gadget but they are also very affordable.

* Xtend-a-View – This combines an LCD shade and a 2x power magnifying loupe eyepiece where you can view the images you’re taking. Selling at $16.95 on retail, this accessory can be easily attached to the viewfinder screen of your digital camera through its self adhesive Velcro strips. If you’re not using the shade, the Velcro strips can be easily removed. Created by Williams & Associates, this Xtend-a-View shade fits more models and can be used together with other add-ons such as the Extend-a-Lens and Extend-a-Bracket.

* JAR sun shield – Unlike the Xtend-a-View which is a closed type of digital camera shade, this one created by Jess Russel is the open type. It covers the sides and top part of your LCD screen with the bottom part open allowing you to see your images clearly even while exposed to sunlight while at the same time giving you easy access to the control buttons of your camera. It can also be attached using Velcro strips. There’s a newer version, though, where the bottom part is already covered to block reflections coming from below. Available in black, this digital camera accessory is very convenient because you can just fold it after use and store it in your bag. This brand is selling for a very affordable price of $10.

* Hoodman LCD   sunshades  – These are the folding type of  sunshades  which come in different sizes. Ideal for use on LCD screens and video monitors, they can be attached via an elastic strap and Velcro fastener although the strap can’t be used in all camera models especially the larger ones. For mini digital video cameras, this  sunshade  can be strapped through its elastic cord to the video monitor to keep it steady. Even with the elastic strap, it’s still possible to access the control buttons of the gadget. You have the option, though, to use the supplied self adhesive Velcro strips around the LCD screen for fast mounting.

The Hoodman  sunshade  is an open type which covers all sides of your LCD screen to keep sunlight away. It’s small, lightweight, can easily be folded and sells at a reasonable price of $19.95.

Remember to get yourself one of these sun shades for your digital camera so that the next time you head outdoors, you can take as many pictures as you want even while under the sun.