Shine Hardwood Floor Like a Pro – DIY

For hardwood flooring, usually oak is employed. It brings a natural shine to the whole place actually. It is durable and the maintenance of this floor is really not a challenge. In this article we would like to share with you some of the tips and instructions, by following which you can definitely ensure that your hardwood floor shines like a pro DIY.

You must always employ a soft bristled brush with which you can clean the floor and at the same time avoid scratch marks over the floor. Place rugs at the entrance and the areas where the traffic is really high. This would ensure that the debris of dust and sand particles that you have a chance of collecting while you come back home from some other place. But the best solution would any day be to remove your shoes since even after brushing it over the mattress there are chances of dust particles being collected on the surface of the shoe. And one of the simplest tricks of keeping your floor clean is to simply avoid sprinkling water over the floor. This would really spoil the texture and look of the floor and it would be damaged to such an amount that you can be rest assured that it would be beyond repair.

Now if you wish to do deep cleaning of your floor then you must ensure that you are removing all the furniture and cupboards placed on the floor. After that you can use the special attachments that are usually found with a vacuum cleaner. With that you can afford to have your hardwood floor cleaned. Apart from that Murphy's oil solution is also very good for this purpose. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer in this regard as to how much should be the concentration of the solution in water. And apart from that always make sure that you are having a nice mop along with you. Keep it damp but dry and free of trickling water so that you can immediately clean any area where water must have trickled by mistake. And when you are using any solution, make sure that you have it tested at a small place in the floor. Rub it and see whether the texture of the floor is changing or not. If you find that it is harming the region where you had it daubed then avoid that solution being applied anywhere else.

Another thing that you can do in order to ensure the shiny look of your hardwood floor is to have it covered with a layer of polyurethane. Squeaky floor cleaning systems can be used to maintain this layer in future. Many times we do hear that these products are far better than the Murphy's oil solution. Swifter wet jet is another product that can be jolly well used for this purpose actually. But do make sure that you are not using them if you do not have this coat of polyurethane.