Shine on With Sleek and Sexy Hair

You always see them in advertisements, magazines, and on the Internet: girls with really long, straight, and sleek hair with no flyaways from the roots to the ends. The most coveted look you always dreamed of having can be yours with the right selection of products and the use of a Karmin flat iron. Read on for the best tips to a sleek and straight crowing glory that you can be proud of all year round.

Hair Shampooing and Conditioning

The choice of shampoo and conditioner will basically be based on your hair type. You may find that some shampoos tend to dry your strands or cause dandruff so make sure to use the right shampoo for you. You will have better luck with shampoos with moisturizing features especially if you want to keep frizzles down to zero. Unruly hair can really be a nuisance to your goal of achieving that sexy look you always wanted. As an advice, shampoo only every other day so that the natural oil of your hair can help tame those dry strands.

Blow-drying or Towel Drying

Once you finish washing, you are left with two choices of drying it: with a blow dryer or with a towel. Sometimes the choice may depend on your available time to dry your mane and style it. If you have all the time in the world to dry it, then you may opt to gently blot drying your hair with a towel. Natural drying allows it to rest from too much treatments or use of tools. You can leave it loose while you eat, put on makeup, or read the newspaper.

Hair Straightening 101

Once your hair is almost dry, get your tools ready. For a straight look, bring out your Karmin flat iron. Since you want all your strands to really be arrow straight, you would need to divide them into small sections to make sure you iron all your hair evenly. You can divide into four or five sections clipping all but one at a time. When wiring a section, begin at the roots and work your way going down. Do the same step to the rest of the sections. After a few minutes, you will see a beautiful you with a great straight look.

Adding Some Shine

Once you finish straightening, you would like to give it a bit of shine. A shine serum can do the trick and makes your hair look healthy. Remember to use only enough shine serum for, too much of anything is not good and shine serums are no exemption.

It's Time to Shine

You are now ready to face your day feeling really confident and beautiful with your sleek and sexy hair. It only took you a few minutes of washing your hair, drying it, straightening it with a Karmin flat iron, and adding some shine. It will look like you just came from an expensive salon. Remember that caring for your hair's health will result in you enjoying hair day glam every day.