Shoot For Dreams That Are Too Big in Network Marketing

Two steps can bring you closer to total time and financial freedom in network marketing, or other home based businesses, allowing you to live in the house of your dreams, drive an amazing car and help others in substantial ways. Or it can be a part time income to add a few little extras to your life. Which one looks like your dreams?

A successful business executive called me one day and asked, "What do you think North Americans dream about most? What do they want in life?" I had talked to hundreds of people about their dreams, and I answered, "Most of them have stopped dreaming.

That was a sad thought. As my husband and I coach new Associates entering the network marketing industry, we've seen how people who dare to dream outside their comfort zones, outside their present incomes, outside what their friends and family have, are the ones who will rise to the highest levels in their chosen companies.

It's important to help new Associates open their minds wide to new possibilities and freedom in their lives. Give everyone permission to dream big.

1. Have them write down twenty things they'd like to have, be and do, if money was not a consideration. Remind them that there are no limits whateversoever. Write everything in the present tense.

For example, where in the world would they choose to live? Answer: "I am sitting on the beach outside my beautiful five bedroom home in the Bahamas."

What are the children doing? "The kids are taking tennis lessons right now, and then we're all going sailing."

What car are you driving? Answer: "I love cruising around the island in my red BMW convertible, stopping now and then for a fresh pineapple sundae."

What charity are you supporting? "On my recent trip to Uganda with the Children's Hunger Fund, I helped establish a school in Gulu where people have been in refugee camps for years, without proper school facilities. the kids in Uganda. "

You get the idea. Have you done this yourself laTely? It's a great inspirational activity every six months, to spur you and your team on to greater heights.

2. Have a team party and make dream boards to post in your homes, with photos of your dream cars and estates, the people you care about, the places where you will travel. Provide poster paper, colored pens, glue and lots of picture magazines. Watch the fun they will have as they dream, chat and laugh together.

When you shoot for dreams that are too big, or bigger than you ever thought possible, you will find yourself making more phone calls, meeting with more people in person and online, following up on a regular basis, and taking a leadership role in building your business. You'll notice that there will be more excitement in your voice, as you declare that you will be moving to the Bahamas within three years.

Try it. Shoot for dreams that are too big. Get your team to do the same, and then we'll see you in the Bahamas, or the destination of your dreams.