Shoot for the Stars With PSE Orion Sight

Slightly heavier than the PSE Gemini at 8.5 ounces, the PSE Orion sight is manufactured by Precision Shooting Equipment as a mid-level archery sight to improve your accuracy when it comes to outdoor shooting or hunting. PSE bow sights come in a whole range of prices for basic to high end sights. Priced at about US$45-50, the Orion Sight, is considered a good investment if you want a sight that’s just above the basic and regular level. If you’re looking to advance from the basic sight, the PSE Orion may be the next step towards that.

With the mounting bracket, pin guard, pin track and pins in place, nothing could make this sight look complicated. However, its additional features make it an excellent performing sight once in use. The Orion Sight contains five 0.019 sight pins made of fiber optic material for greater flexibility with distances. If you prefer micro-pins to the larger pins available in other bow sights, consider getting this model. The body is made up of all metal parts to make your equipment longer even when used in harsh environments. A user has also commented on how suitable it is as a “rugged” sight for hunting purposes. Even younger users can appreciate the features of the PSE Orion Sight.

The Rheo glo light is four positioned for better illumination of your pins. Rheo glo lights are replaceable parts but are made to last as well. The glow ring around the pin guard is phosphorescent, which will emit light at lower intensities in a given amount of time. It should be exposed to light to absorb radiation prior to use in the dark. Along with the phosphorescent glow ring comes a fully adjustable UV light to increase the visibility of your pins in darker conditions.

The third axis level of this sight provides the shooter with more flexibility in adjusting shooting angles for upward or downward targets unlike second axis level sights. Ranked #71,812 in Amazon’s Best Sellers rank in sports and outdoors equipment, the Orion is a popular choice and a rather good investment for mid-range sights. If you are planning to order sights over the internet, you must be above 18 years old to complete the transaction. Some states do not allow the shipment of such optics equipment so check your state laws and restrictions before doing so. Nevertheless, the PSE Orion bow sight could be the one you’re looking for to get a better aim, and get a better shot at that target.