Shopping For a Custom Chandelier

A custom chandelier is something people who live on a budget would not dare dream of getting. Admittedly, the pricing can be somewhat expensive, but it depends on how thoroughly you shop around and what style you want it to be in.

A custom chandelier can be any size, small or large. It is usually fitted to the ambience or theme you want in the room it's going to be occupying. Most people think chandeliers are supposed to be gaudy, but this is simply not the case. Some of the most beautiful chandeliers are simply made. The point of a chandelier is not just to bring light to the room it's in, but to add a bit of personality to it as well.

Sometimes chandeliers are referred to as pendant lighting. This is because of the way that they hang from the ceiling, like a pendant. It usually hangs by a rope, chain, cord or a pole. It can be elegant or even delicate depending on exactly how it's hanging from the ceiling. Some chandeliers look like real pendants, and hang by singular cords with one light fixture attached to the end. Others have big globes housing the light bulbs, and still others copy the Oriental lantern look.

Most chandeliers are made of wrought iron, a heavy metal that is very easy to keep clean. The light fixtures are usually in the shape of glowing candles, and are meant to hold small light bulbs that resemble them. Sometimes they are decorated with hanging glass and beads made to look like crystals and pearls. The light reflecting off of them spreads throughout the room, giving it an almost romantic glow.

Of course, size is the most important factor to consider when choosing a chandelier. This is where a custom chandelier comes in handy. Perhaps you've found the design you want, but it's too big for the room you want it to be in. You can likely get it scaled down to size by a professional, who will come in, measure your room and its dimensions, and recommend their expert opinion on the matter.