Short, But Sweet: 10-Minute or Less Workouts for Busy People

Even the busiest bee needs to get a workout now and then. But how can you squeeze a fitness routine in your schedule when all you have available is just several minutes? Don’t fret, there are 10-minute or less workouts for even the busiest people.

Go for high intensity

High-Intensity interval training, or sometimes called high-intensity intermittent exercise, is an exercise technique which alternates intense aerobic activity with short recovery periods.

It can last from 5 to 30 minutes, but most people usually target the 10-minute mark. For beginners, a sample of an HIIT workout would be a minute of stretching and warm up session consisting of circular arm swings, jogging in place and lunges. Repeat for another minute. This means you have eight minutes left to complete the workout. Still lots of time.

Follow up the warm up session with some kickboxing. Jab with your right, do a cross with your left. Remember to put your whole body into the punches. Then, do deep, slow squats. Follow it up with intense jumping jacks. If you still have time remaining, you can repeat the three exercises. Use the remaining minutes to cool down by doing lunges and stretches.

If you want high intensity cardio, start with a two-minute warm up. Then, run as fast as you possibly can for a minute, then walk for two minute. Repeat for another set, then do a two-minute cool down session.

Benefits of HIIT include an increased metabolism, weight loss and improved cardiovascular health. Here’s a curious tidbit for you: research shows that high intensity interval training can suppress the desire to eat.

Before you undergo HIIT, however, be sure to gear up properly. An intense exercise will need durable footwear for support and stability. If you’re not familiar with such footwear, Reebok is a good brand to start with. Reebok shoes are known for their durability and superior cushioning.

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10-minute no equipment exercise

No equipment? No problem. Well, maybe you’ll need a chair. If that qualifies as an equipment. You can do this work out in the comforts of your own home. Of course, do the customary warm up and stretching exercises. Then proceed to do 50 jumping jacks. This will serve as your cardio. Then do 15 push-ups (remember to keep the right form), 15 squats, 15 triceps dips (you can do this on a chair or stable elevated surface). That seemed easy right? Unfortunately, you’re not done yet. You have to do it a second time, of a third if it fits the 10-minute mark.

Seven shots of fitness

If you are really pressed for time, all you need is seven minutes to help you work out. This short workout seems simple (you only need a wall and a chair), but is definitely a killer. So don’t take it lightly. You should do each exercise for 30 seconds, then follow a 10-second rest before proceeding to the next exercise. Do not go beyond the 10-second rest period. Remember to follow the order of the 12 exercises.

1. Jumping jacks – do a traditional jumping jack

2. Wall sit – Sit as if you’re on a chair and press your back to the wall. Engage your core.

3. Push-ups – perform a traditional jumping jack

4. Abdominal crunch – do a regular crunch. Remember to cross your arms in front of your chest and not behind your head.

5. Step-up on chair – Stand a foot away in front of a chair. Step up with one leg, then another until you’re standing on the chair. Step back with one leg, then follow it with your other leg.

6. Squat – perform a traditional.

7. Triceps dip on chair – Turn your back on a chair. Support yourself using your arms. Your legs should be at an angle. Now lower yourself using your arms. That’s one dip.

8. Plank – do a traditional plank.

9. High knees – Stand and lift your knee as high as you can, do it with the other leg.

10. Lunges – perform a traditional lunge.

11. Push-up and rotation – do a pushup. After a pushup, remain in the starting position, support yourself using your left arm as you raise half of your body and arm. You should be facing the right side. Lower your right side, do a pushup and do the same with your left.

12. Side planks – perform a traditional side plank.

There you are, three workouts that will barely take up your time. But will definitely keep you fit.