Should I Paint My Front Door Red? The Number One Feng Shui Question

Many people ask us this very question. I am sure you have all met someone that has told you after they painted their door red their life changed!

Painting you front door will actually bring new energy into your home! But Red is not your only option and in some cases not even your best options. Red in Feng Shui is very powerful and brings with it prosperity, abundance and success but it may not be the right choice for you.

With the Flying Star method of Feng Shui – we can determine if you home has any “star combinations” that are unfavourable. If so then painting your door red might actually make them worse! As well there are certain directions each calendar year that are not good to place any red in so you should be extras cautious with these directions.

With Traditional compass directions, colour is associated with each specific direction or aspiration within the Bagua Chart. As well different element strength can determine whether its best to have a wood or metal door. Your choice of colour has a great deal to do with what you are looking to accomplish in your life. Your goals help to determine which direction to take with choice of colours. Your colour choice should also fit within the colour scheme of the rest of the exterior of your home for Feng Shui is about creating balance and living in harmony with your surroundings. Some of the most popular colour choices include:

Black & Dark Blue

Generally associated with North facing doors, black and blue are very good colours for those of use who are seeking new career success, direction or opportunity.

White, Silver, Copper or Gold

Generally associated with the West. & Northwest, White doors are metal energy and great for creative pursuits Green & Blue Generally associated with East and South East facing door, these colours are associate with new growth, new beginnings, and strong vitality and health. The energy here is wood.

Brown & Yellow

Generally associated with the North East or the South West – this earth energy is grounding and quiet, so not the best choice for an active front door, unless the stars look favourably upon instilling additional earth energy here.

Red, Pink & Purple

Generally associated with the South , this fire energy is associated with fame, reputation and prosperity.

If you don’t like your current front door colour it is probably because it is not suited to what you are looking to achieve. Without doing a full consultation, the next best thing is to try the colour you gravitate towards based on what you are trying to achieve and then see what happens! If things begin to change for the better than you chose well! If not, then just change it again to another colour!

© 2008 Fay Chapple