Should the Grout Match or Contrast With the Tile Color?

Those pretty little mosaic wall tiles deserve a lot of fuss, but be sure about the appropriate grout. Handling backsplash tiles would be so much easier, but the choice of tile needs to be carefully made. Choose the grout color and decide whether sanded or unsanded grout. Fine sand added to the grout mixture makes it stronger. Lesser chances of aging grout breaking up easily. Consider color equations too. Sanded grout offers rich colors to match or contrast with the beloved tiles.

With all those advantages, who would choose unsanded grout? You need them if tile joints are 1/8″ or smaller. Everybody wants durability all right, but if tiles are made of soft stone, unsanded grout is the answer. The sand may end up damaging the tiles. Besides, not all like the grainy surface that sanded grout needs to have.

A few selection of mosaic tiles with information about the best grout patterns.

Saddle Canyon Rhomboid Glass Mosaic

These classy diamond-shaped tiles are colored green, white and speckled black. The wonders of crackled glass shine through in pretty shades. Colors appear randomly and 3D effects in the modern bathroom leave you breathless. Such a glass mosaic tile variety requires unsanded grout to avoid damage to the glass.

Arctic Ice 4×12 Glass Mosaic

Pretty walls covered in subway tiles have existed for over a century. Classic is the trendy theme of this august glass mosaic. Crystals of a frosty whiteness reveal a reflecting surface. Install this cleanly polished glass tile on accent walls and backsplashes. They find effective applications everywhere in modern and fashionable surroundings. Sanded grout would work well because of the wide joints between the tiles.

Keystone Blend Interlocking Marble Mosaic

It is a linear pattern of dreamy interlocking marble mosaic. The gray, blue and white are revealed in random spaces. The truth is that Arabescato Carrara Marble has been blended with glass. Use it as a backsplash or let it cover the lower part of the wall. Each way, it is a fabulous winner. The gentle nature of the mosaic calls for unsanded grout.

Café Forest 2×2 Marble Mosaic

A dramatic nature display, the gray, ivory and beige contain dark brown veins. Any room comes to life under its impact. Visually exciting and immensely elevating, they help decorate spaces gracefully. Unsanded grout would best fill the narrow joints.

Walnut Travertino 2×2 Porcelain Mosaic

Coffee and cream combine in porcelain mosaic tiles made of Walnut Travertino. Install it on the floor or the wall. Fill the joints with a contrasting color of sandy grout.