Should You Be a Stone Mason? How to Get Into Masonry As a Career

Should you be a stone mason? It is a wonderful profession, both art and craft. And how do you get to become a mason once you decide Stone-masonry is a rare bird: it is both a beautiful art and a practical craft. Stone masons are also known as stone cutters or bricklayers. If you enter into this profession, you will be part of an ancient craft. When you are a stonemason, you will have the pleasure of knowing that you are creating beauty as well as functionality. Stone can be a wonderfully environmentally sound structure, as it is permanent.

Some people believe that stones have their own spirits – although since stone masons are pretty practical people – it isn’t talked about much! Most of the earliest structures were made out of stone. Masons have worked all across the world in as diverse structures as the Taj Mahal, Easter Island’s statues, Stonehenge, and the Egyptian Pyramids to modern structures uses such as the Spanish inspired Plaza in Kansas City – or the wall in your garden.

You may decide you want a trade instead of going to college. However, masonry is one of the most creative and artistic of all the trades. And you need to be a balanced person to be a mason, you will need to be able to lift, plan out intricate designs and execute plans to do your work. It is likely that some of the work that you will be doing will be similar to that of an architect. Job opportunities are expected to be good in the future. According to the Bureau of Labor, median hourly wages of brickmasons and blockmasons in May 2008 were $21.94.

How do you become a stone mason? Unfortunately the path is not straight- forward, and it might take some sniffing around. Here are some ideas:

* Check out whether there are any Masonic Institutes in your area. These are training schools for masons that are available in some areas.

* Seek out a Union Apprenticeship. If you are into a Masonic Institute, they can help you find one. Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you will work as a journeyman and then can be certified as a mason.

* Try to take courses that prepare you for your training. While in high school, take math, art,and industrial sciences and check out colleges in your area as well for prep classes.