Shovel Ready Projects

The 112th Congress that will be elected in November, 2010, will have a number of shovel-ready projects waiting to be turned into mulch for the White House garden. These projects range from health care reform to the czar program, carbon payoffs and numerous others.

Winston Churchill once said “socialism seeks to pull down wealth, liberalism seeks to raise up poverty.” Based on that description the progressive party has effectively combined socialism and liberalism without so much as an obituary to commemorate the demise of responsible, patriotic liberals. If you believe in true liberalism as defined by Mr. Churchill then you are running out of time to stand up and say so. You can no longer afford to sit back quietly and endure rebranding while your government is being dismantled one liberty, one freedom and one job at a time.

In 2008, the voters of America handed over control of two and a half of the three branches of our government to people who want to see the destruction of capitalism. They have set up mechanisms to bring that outcome into reality. If they are given two more years to finalize such action we all may need to start learning to speak French, the official language of the United Nations. English is the international language of business but there won’t be many of those left in America at the rate we are going.

We need to care for the least among us. We also must be able to pay for it. Penalizing the high achievers into inactivity will cause everyone will suffer, especially the poor. If we support negligence with handouts and shelter nonperformance with legislation we will inarguably increase failure by every measure. We must systematically reward success and encourage progress while consistently punishing the cheaters. Innovation is why America has the world’s largest economy with only five percent of the earth’s population.

A few years ago Air America, liberal talk radio, had recently been launched. Conservative talk shows were discussing some of the outrageous statements that were being made by liberal hosts. I came across it one day and decided to listen for myself. What I heard for the next hour was very surprising based on the buildup. The people calling in to this program were American citizens who loved their country and were concerned about its future. They were discussing the exact same topics that conservatives mentioned on their programs.

Although most of us know what isn’t working, we do disagree on what to do about it. We have different views and therefore offer up varying solutions. Not once did I hear a liberal suggest that we go Nagasaki on the U.S. economy. True liberals do not want these sweeping takeovers. Their party has been taken over by socialist-minded people. Congressional leaders are so far off the mark that they have resorted to using stimulus money to bribe members into voting for these travesties and it will ultimately backfire on everyone involved.

For instance, we read that Mary Landrieu is bringing home $300 million to the people of Louisiana. Is that a win for that state? No, and here is why. Machiavelli wrote in his book on political analysis, “The Prince,” “one inconvenience cannot be avoided except at the risk of being exposed to another.” In other words, this gift/bribe is ultimately going to cost the good people of Louisiana dearly. The next time a major hurricane blows into town the people of Louisiana will likely be left to deal with it primarily on their own. This statement is not intended to sound cruel. We are all called to be merciful to those in need. I was born and raised in Louisiana and have friends and relatives all over that state, but LA had better sock away some of that bribe money for future hurricane relief because the other 49 states will already be strapped financially as a direct result of the actions of Congresswoman Landrieu. She pocketed money that did not belong to her. It sounds bad to say but $300 million will buy an awful lot of sandbags and bottled water. Now do you see how this really works?

Of course there were other members of Congress who accepted kickbacks in exchange for votes. They will all get what is coming to them. Demanding hundreds of millions of dollars from a bankrupt federal government is like asking for a nicer stateroom on the Titanic after the lifeboats have all been launched. In an effort to avoid one risk, Senator Landrieu has exposed the citizens of Louisiana to another. A receding tide sinks all boats, as does icebergs.