Show and Go Training Review

Show and Go Training is a strength building and performance enhancing program. This is a plan which was created by Eric Cressey, a specialty fitness trainer who works with many athletes to improve their performance and athleticism. He is also a former weight lifting competitor, so he knows what it really takes to build strength.

Show and Go is a peculiar name for a fitness plan but it portrays the two main benefits of this plan: Show is a word that signifies how you can build muscle mass and burn fat by working with this plan, while the word Go signifies that this isn’t a program that will merely make you look good. This is a plan that will also make you more physically able, stronger, and capable.

In Show and Go training Eric Cressey provides you with a variety of exercises that simulate the way he trains his clients. Naturally, this is a more general form of his one-on-one work with clients (as each of them has his or her specific needs and sport) but it is still very different from other weight lifting plans.

Show and Go training doesn’t just deal with lifting weights or building muscle. The program deal with 3 main areas:

1. Injury prevention – Athletes don’t like to be injured as it takes them off the field. You want to be able to work hard without getting injured. It’s not about dumb luck. There are things you need to do to strengthen your joints, tendons, and muscles to reduce the risk of injury. Eric Cressey shows you what needs to be done.

2. Mobility and movement – Lifting weights in the gym is one thing, playing a sport is quite another. Athletes need to be able to move quickly and to move hard. In addition, working on joint mobility is a great way to enhance your weight lifting capability. It’s not all about muscle.

3. Strength training – Show and Go training is a strength building program at its core, so you will learn how to build strength and various tricks on how to lift heavier weights with your current muscle mass.

This is an intense and advanced program which is for serious trainees only. It’s a specialty plan for men (and women) who want to develop greater strength and athleticism. Fat burning happens as part of the plan although it’s not the focus of it.

What I like about this program is that it helps you to keep your body injury free while helping you to develop greater strength. Eric Cressey is a true pro and his workout routines and tips will help anyone become a fitter and more capable athlete.