Shrinking Home Sizes and Its Effect on Storage Services

Are homes today smaller than what they used to be in the past? Houses are now shrinking bit by bit over the years and this is having a significant impact on the storage space available. The most common flats are the 4 room and 5 room flats and they each used to have a floor space of 105 square meters and 123 square meters respectively back in the 1990s. However due to space constraints, these spaces have been decreasing to 90 square meters and 110 square meters respectively now. You may appeal that a decrease of 10 square meters does not have much of an impact but this is not true. Let's take a look at the effect of shrinking home sizes on its storage space service.

While a decrease in 10 square meters does not seem to be a lot, do not forget about the mandatory bomb shelter in every HDB flat now. Bomb shelters are not meant to be a storeroom and you have effectively lost not just the 10 square meters, but also this storeroom space to store your things. Not only are the living rooms getting smaller, the bedrooms are likewise but the capacity remains the same. This is also the main reason why self storage services are gaining popularity now. The only current way is to purchase a resale flat which has a larger floor space but forking out high cash over valuation or purchasing a private property at thrice the amount. All these are not feasible and the only economic and flexible method is to rent self storage units. Imagine self storage as an add-on to your household, only not connected to each other. You can access your self storage unit just as how you would with your storeroom. You are able to choose your desired storage unit size depending on what you intend to store and with excellent security features in the unit, it's as safe as it was in your own house. The need for self storage service is also evident, with more than 10 companies offering the same product. It is slowly but surely evolving into a competitive market and this is healthy for the consumers as they get to choose something that is value for money.

With shrinking home sizes over the past few years, there is an ever increasing need for additional storage space at home. Adding more space to our home is impossible but utilizing external storage service providers are excellent.