Siding – Beyond Bricks and Mortar

Are you building a new home or making exterior renovations to your home’s facade? Have you considered all your options – brick and mortar, stucco or siding? Of course there are more options to choose from, but these three remain at the top of the popularity list.

In comparison, brick and mortar facades can be five times more expensive than siding and up-to 10 times more expensive than stucco. While brick and mortar are very popular building materials for home exteriors, they are certainly not the only ones. Over the last two decades, the use of various types of siding has increased substantially and is seen being used more and more in community developments.

Although siding is less expensive than traditional brick facades, it’s made to be tough, durable and resilient to harsh weather conditions – thus making it a perfect alternative to costly bricks. When it comes to the various types of siding, the sky is the limit these days. Vinyl siding has always been a popular choice based on its durability and flexibility – making it more dent and stain resistant than aluminum or fiber cement siding. Natural wood siding is also a popular choice for many home builders, however that fresh cut wood look and wonderful wood smell quickly deteriorate; and over time the wood will become dull in appearance and may potentially become covered in moss if you live in a damp climate or environment.

Keeping your environmental conditions in mind is often a good idea when choosing a type of siding to use on your home exterior. More and more, home builders and home renovators are leaning towards vinyl siding for it’s time tested quality and affordable price – it’s also known for standing up to tough winter conditions and being easy to clean with a simple brush and soapy water or high pressure washer. Should your siding become damaged for any reason, you can simply repair the damaged sections and not have to worry about replacing the whole facade.

No matter which type of siding you decide to use on your home exterior, be sure to do your homework and investigate the best possible option for your home and your budget. With so many great types of siding to choose from – it all may come down to what looks the best for your unique taste.