Siding Contractors Reveal Why They Prefer Fiber Cement Siding For Their Own Homes

Aluminum siding has long fallen out of favor with homeowners in favor of vinyl and other materials, including fiber cement. When you're getting ready to give your home's exterior a face-lift, you'll most likely look at a variety of options, but how do you choose the right material for your home? Comparing the various materials available is a good place to start, and local siding contractors can give you plenty of information designed to help make the process easier. You should also ask remodeling experts and contractors which material they would choose for their own home. In most cases, fiber cement will top the list. Why is it so popular with those in the home improvement industry? Because it offers an impressive array of advantages and can save you money down the road.

Initial Costs Are Deceiving

Do not let the up-front price of fiber cement intimidate you. While it does cost more than vinyl, you're getting great value for your money. Siding contractors will tell you that the initial payout is quickly redeemed through lower costs over time and the long life of the product. Take the time to look at the various costs you'll face down the road and do a comparison over the life of the products; you'll quickly see that vinyl is cheaper in the short term but much more expensive when it comes to the cost of repairs, frequency of repairs, repainting and a host of other situations.

Siding Contractors Praise Its Durability

Home remodeling experts agree that fiber cement is stronger and more durable than vinyl for several reasons. For one, it's five times thicker and is made from cement, sand and cellulose or wood fibers. This combination of natural ingredients yields an exceptionally strong material that's both denser and more durable than the alternatives. It's fire resistant, so it will not smolder, ignite and burn like vinyl. Because the color is literally baked onto the top layer, this type of siding keeps it true color longer and is less sooner to fading. In fact, it is 30% better at retaining its original good looks. The thicker, more rigid material also experiences far less buckling, cracking or warping, which means you'll be less likely to need repairs due to damage from extreme heat or cracking due to cold temperatures.

Increase Your Home's Value

Having to repair or replace your home's exterior less often is one way that this material saves you money, but it certainly is not the only way. The beauty of fiber cement is obvious to siding contractors, who regularly install it on today's finest homes. The textured surface and careful attention to detail during the manufacturing process give it a rich, architectural beauty that simply can not be duplicated in vinyl. The resemblance to genuine wood is striking, which means you'll increase both the curve appeal and the resale value of your home.

Decrease Expenses

Because it is so dense and far thicker than vinyl, fiber cement is a good insulator, keeping out the cold winter winds and shielding your home's interior from the punishing rays of a summer sun. This translates into reduced heating and cooling costs, which you can reduce even more if you have siding contractors layer additional insulation behind it. Because the material is moisture-resistant, it also prevails underlying wood rot and can help keep pesky insects at bay, including termites. Because you will not have to worry about wood rot or the need for exterminators, you'll save money on upkeep and repairs. High winds, hail and even flying debris can cause expensive dents and holes in vinyl, but fiber cement can stand up to far more while looking great.

One of the most important reasons siding contractors prefer fiber cement to vinyl is the impressive life expectancy of fiber cement. Some companies warranty their product for as much as fifty years, ensuring that it's really a once-in-a-lifetime investment. There simply are not any vinyl manufacturers who can give you that kind of protection. If you still have questions, talk to siding contractors in your area about the benefits of this option. You'll quickly be sold on its value and beauty.