Signs He Likes Me – Tell-Tale Signs According to Men

You have been crushing on a guy but can you tell that he likes you? Are there obvious signs that he likes you? Or are you still asking yourself this, are there signs he likes me? You could never tell when a guy likes you or not. They are not vocal when it comes to talking about their feelings. It is hard for guys to do that. Somehow you wish that you can directly ask a guy if he likes you or not. Of course, you will come out as an arrogant and conceited woman if you ask that.

Why can’t guys tell a girl that they like her? That is a big question that women always ask. They can’t seem to figure out why it is hard for them to say that. Tell you what; it is because they are more into actions than words. And when they say they like a girl, they need to be 100% sure. For them, it is like signing up for the army, there’s no turning back. Here are some signs that could help you tell if a guy likes you or not

Sign #1: He talks to you more

Your officemate drops by to your cubicle to say hi and ask you how you are doing every time he gets to work. During lunch time, he sits beside you. He tries to converse with you every chance he gets. He comes up with topics that are interesting to you. Say for example you love watching tennis, he tells some interesting facts about Roger Federer or Serena Williams. He will make an effort to share things to you. He will try to walk with you to the elevator and talk to you.

Sign #2: He touches you

He gives you a pat in the back. He strokes your hair. He holds your hand. He leans towards you. He puts his head on your shoulder when he feels tired. It sounds like that these are the classic moves of your best friend. He will try to make physical contact with you yet he doesn’t make it too obvious. Your guy best friend obviously is interested in you but doesn’t know how to tell you. Instead, he gets physical with you to drop some hints that he is interested in you. He is somehow afraid that he will get dumped.

Sign #3: He communicates with you

He sends you text messages. He asks you as to how your day is going. He sends an email to you. He calls you during his free time. He leaves messages in your answering machine. Clearly, he is interested in you. The guy you went out with wouldn’t bother to call you when he isn’t interested in you. Guys will make an effort to be able to communicate with you if they have feelings for you. He will find time for it no matter how busy his day gets. What is more is that, there isn’t a day that he won’t try to call text or email you. He wants to hear from you.