Signs of Spiritual Awakening – Receiving Secret Messages From the Universe

Recently I wrote about the signs and symptoms of being on the “fast track” to spiritual awakening. One of the signs of awakening is receiving “secret” messages from the universe (from spirit) that help point you in the right direction. Secret messages from the universe can be anything from an announcement on the radio that answers a specific question you’ve been asking, to a gripping conversation with a stranger.

I call these kinds of messages “secret” because often, the person relaying the message to you isn’t aware that he’s doing it.  If he were conscious of it somehow, he may have thought it was weird, he may have hesitated, and sometimes the universe just doesn’t want to take chances. (Okay, I know this sounds a bit crazy but hang in there and I will explain with a real-life, concrete example.)

I have received many secret messages when I began my awakening process several years ago, and I will share one of the more “ambitious” examples here. But first, some necessary background: When I had received the secret message I am about to share with you, I had already been urged by the Counsel of Light to start writing a book about a process of evolution I would go through that could not be found anywhere yet–it wasn’t in any book or manuscript, they said.  It was something new. (They alerted me to this beforehand so that I would begin the process and keep an accurate log of it by writing about it in real time.)

But since I was an engineer and I hadn’t yet experienced this process (and the instructions from the Counsel of Light were channeled to me by a woman I had met once who lived 3000 miles away) I struggled with–as you can imagine–“just doing it.” 

But as I had said, if something is important enough spirit will not take any chances and will give you signs that you must pursue a certain direction.  Anyway, one day back in October of 2002 when I was still unsure of whether I was going to attempt to write this book or whether I was just being brainwashed, I had an interesting conversation with another parent named “J.” at my child’s grade school.  I knew J. only briefly, and he knew little about me.  The following is an excerpt from my memoir (not a memoir of my life–I am not that vain–but a memoir of my reconnecting and awakening process.)

“…Another interesting occurrence: while walking back to our car after dropping Angelika off at school, Julianne and I were startled by a walnut that landed near us from clear out of the sky. I stood for a moment and looked around. An old lone almond tree stood by the road, but there weren’t any walnut trees in sight. J., who happened to be strolling about a hundred feet behind, caught up to us and explained that a blackbird had dropped that nut. “Blackbirds fly up high and drop nuts onto hard surfaces so that the nuts crack. They know exactly how high they need to fly and they know to drop it onto the pavement. They’ve learned to do that,” he explained. “But how do they know?” he asked, looking straight at me.

“They just know,” I replied.

“It only takes one of them to learn a new behavior.  The others follow, and soon thereafter, they’ve all learned it. Just like the 100th monkey theory.  That’s how evolution works,” he went on. “It just takes that first one–the one that will begin. Everything depends on that first one.”

At this point the investigator part of my brain kicked in because something he said caught my attention.  “Do you really think it’s important which one of them is the first? Does it really matter, which one?” I asked.

“Yes, he said, looking straight at me, “It’s very important.”

We reached my car by that time, exchanged “have a good day,” and then off he went to his. And after he was gone I thought to myself–what exactly did you mean with those words, using those words? Where did you get them from? Why did you tell me those things? I was agitated because I knew he had given me a message, just like the characters in the spiritual adventure novel The Celestine Prophecy–the book we had discussed several months earlier–kept on doing. They were always giving each other secret messages and having intense discussions about it as well. 

Well, I knew what the message was, just not the why or the how of it. But I never asked J. any of those questions; I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because he might not have known the answers, might not have had a clue. He might have even denied giving me any secret messages. I also thought it might be a good idea, at least for the time being, to keep my investigative activities a secret.” (End of excerpt from my memoir.)

This sign from the universe (as well as others) helped me to pursue and actually fulfill my higher life purpose–which is to detail the steps of the spiritual awakening process and to give real life concrete examples so that others can go through this intense process more quickly and easily. (It can be painful and scary.) Furthermore, it’s one thing to acknowledge that yeah, humanity is on the verge of an awakening and it’s another thing altogether to know that process intimately and provide concrete examples.

When you get on the path to awakening, to fulfilling your life purpose, you will also begin to experience signs such as this and these signs will help point you in the right direction. Because you have something that’s important for you to pursue.

In conclusion, receiving secret messages a la Celestine Prophecy is a sign of spiritual awakening, a sign that you’re not digging your heels in but stepping up to the plate of awakening (except in real life it’s unlikely the messenger will know that he has a secret message for you).