Signs That Indicate Your Website Need a Redesign

Your business website is a gateway to the world. It showcases your offerings to the global customers. The trustworthy communication partner is one of the most affordable salesmen that you can hire. Over a period of time, the website’s layout becomes old and lousy, the content gets repetitive and uninteresting for the web surfers and prospective customers, and the designs get dated in comparison to the competitors.

Sometimes the tweaks and changes are minor, while other times a complete overhaul might be required. Below are some signs that show that your website requires a redesign.

No mobile/Smartphone optimization

M-commerce is the next big thing. The customers are already switching to the mobiles and smartphone for product screening, and purchase purposes. You are overlooking the multi-billion mobile market segment, if your website works on desktops only, and does not have a mobile interface.

Poor navigation in the form of greater clicks

Each subsequent major technological update may lower the number of navigational clicks. If the navigation is poor, the customers would easily get annoyed and would switch to the competitor website. They would also ask you more questions, which show that lots of time are getting wasted in navigation and information search.

Higher bounce rates

The best of websites have a bounce rate of 26% or less. Bounce rate indicates how many customers abandon your website, once reaching it. There are a number of factors that affect the bounce rate including internet speed, the website loading speed, navigation, presentation and others, which either enhance customer retention or impede it. While there are some issues and circumstances that are beyond your control, you can always manage and improve the aspects that require your attention and efforts.

Abysmally low conversion rate

While the customer rates can be adversely affected even seasonally, your website requires attention and efforts towards improvement when it does not converts a single customer from 100 surfers. Content, infographics, videos, tutorials, reviews, flash player and interviews will help you have a larger lead-to-conversion prospect.

No Inbox

If you are using the website for promotional or sales purposes, the inbox delivers to your feedback, questions, queries and much more. It helps you to directly interact with the customers and new prospects in a very personal and interactive way. While you may have embarked upon the PPC (pay-per-click), newsletter subscription and email campaigns, the real customer interest is only generated when he or she has engaged actively, and his or her questions are duly answered in a commendable way.

No social connection

The importance of the social media websites towards customer generation, retention and conversion are immense. Ensure that the information and feedback are easily shareable so that your brand gets a nationwide and worldwide popularity easily.


The single lined call-to-action is immensely motivating for the customers. The well devised and placed CTA threads and buttons alone improves conversion rates by up to 20%. You can reinvent it, or place it to ensure better customer retention rates.

These minor changes will bring new life to your website and make it functional, appealing, and profitable once again. Website improvement is a long-term and constant effort, and you need to review it from time to time, in order to have better conversion rates and awesome customer interaction.