Signs That Residential Roofs Need Immediate Repair

Repairing entire sections of residential roofs is a hefty expenditure. Instead of letting your roof reach the point where you’ll need to undertake even more high-priced bills, invest in preventative maintenance and repairs. Here are some signs that you’re ready for a visit from the local roofing company.

Extreme Weather

The most obvious time to get a professional opinion is in the aftermath of a major storm or natural disaster. Much like a physical injury to your body, any damage to a roof is easier to isolate and repair immediately after a harmful incident. Unfortunately, people often wait on insurance claims or seasonal changes to make the call. Waiting almost always makes the problem worse.

For example, if a windstorm has blown off shingles, that section is vulnerable to subsequent moisture and exposure damage. Failing to address this problem could lead to additional structural damage, which entails more expensive repairs. With the severity of summers and winters continually increasing, putting off a simple repair could lead to major destruction. Don’t end up costing yourself more in these scenarios. If you see or even sense a problem, most companies will offer you a free estimate.

Understanding the Age

If your shingles have had a long lifetime and their edges are beginning to curl up in sections, this could be a sign that they are undergoing degradation. Residential roofs also tend to lose their integrity with excessive sun exposure. This process is often called “granule loss” and is the slow deterioration of your shingles’ integrity due to excessive solar radiation. If left untreated, it can result in complete loss of shingle protection.

Moss and Other Fungi

Finally, there are a variety of mosses, fungi, and other growths that spring up in the wake of unchecked moisture deposits. These vapor barriers are designed to repel water, but doing so often means that the water doesn’t have a chance to properly escape and evaporate. With improperly installed shingles, your roof could quickly form moisture deposits that will lead to these growths. This could even lead to mold and mildew issues that could be quite harmful, not only to your home, but also to your health. If you start seeing patches of growth around any area of your residential roofs’ façade, make sure to call a repair company right away. Again, you’ll want to go with someone who offers a free estimate, but make sure they assess the full extent of the damage and give you an honest explanation of your options.

Having professionals inspect your residential roof and perform necessary maintenance can save you money and add time to your roof’s lifespan. Be aware of weather conditions, the condition of your shingles, and the presence of water and fungi. Every homeowner wants a strong roof overhead.