Silk Taffeta Drapery – Gorgeous From Inside and Outside

Silk is respected as the fabric that when used to design anything gives a touch of treat and standard for it. The versatile use of the silk is the reason many designers and consumers opt for it. The Silk taffeta drapery can be hung in a wonderful folding way in order to showcase its glossy and shinny material and to cover the light entering through the windows. This Drapery can be used in many places like theater, museum, houses, restaurants, etc making it famous everywhere.

Silk taffeta drapery that is pink in color, when used in your kid's room will make it look cute. If your kid is in water sports, you can use an interior in blue color for the silk drapery.

Silk Taffeta Drapery is of various types, like:

* Brocades: These are lined and thick. The design on the drapery acts as a fashion element for your room.

* Charmeuse: The silk material used will be firm and will be lined with thin crepes.

* Italian Dupioni: The silk material used here will be pure silk and then it will be very expensive.

* Chiffon: The silk used here are transparent, pure, light in weight, airy and looks beautiful. It is easy for maintenance.

* Georgette: This kind of silk drapery is well known all over the world. These are winkled and lined drapes that are produced by the mix of the Charmeuse and Chiffon silk.

* Raw silk: This silk is just a raw stuff of silk, which will be stiff and raw, looks like it has been freshly taken directly from the silk moth.

* Satin: There can be nobody in this globe who has not fallen in love with the beauty of the satin. Satin is flexible, luxurious, classy and suitable for everything.

Although, silk taffeta drapery is famous, they are best suited only for tropical summer time. During tropical summer time, the silk material loosens up and becomes dry because of the sun rays. In winter time the silk material get cooled and then become moldy.

Key points to consider while using Drapery that are Silk Taffeta:

* Silk often gets dirty or stains and gets wrinkled often. In such cases, the silk material should be stream ironed to remove the silk.

* Washing the drapery gives a better polish, gloss, soothing look and shine. In case the silk is old of duplicate, the color and shine will fade away and start to develop wrinkles.

* No special silk washing soaps are needed, just the detergents are enough. Insert the silk drapery inside the soap water. Rinse the silk with cool water. Finally, rinse the remaining soap settlements by inserting the silk into white vinegar and ordinary water. Allow the curtains to dry, and then iron them to remove any wrinkles.