Silver Picture Frame: What You Need To Know In Keeping It In Good Condition

A silver picture frame preserves your photos and art just like any type of picture frames. You may choose this as a gift to a loved one. It makes the difference if you want it personalized with engraving or if you want a touch of elegance in your household. Silver frames are expensive in nature but there are those that are less expensive as they use silver coating to imitate the original silver works.

Silver loses its luster through time but there are ways to maintain clean silver and bring back its shine. A picture frame made from silver, just like silver wares needs proper maintenance as stubborn dust and dirt may change its shiny coat. However, those that use silver coating come with lacquer coating to protect it from damage.

Silver frames need to be polished once in a while in order to keep that shine and beauty. For stubborn stains, you may soak the silver frame into a solution of baking soda and water. Soak it for about 10 minutes to loosen the stain. Rinse in running water, have it air dried and buff with clean cloth. Your silver picture frame, with the help of a little cleaning will look as good as new.

As mentioned, you can find a silver frame that is less expensive. These frames are silver-plated and are affordable while having the same capabilities to preserve your photos and art. There are silver-plated frames that come with resistant coating to protect it from damage. Cleaning is easy as the accumulated dirt needs only to be wiped off or buffed. Soaking silver plated picture frames in soda may remove the silver coating.

You can engrave your name or a design on a silver frame to make it more personalized and special. However, for a silver plated frame, make sure that what you have is especially made for engraving, as there are thin electroplated silver picture frame and engraving may cause damage to the surface. There are also silver-plated frames that have extra layers of silver coating to add thickness to the surface for engraving purposes.

Most stores selling picture frames offer services for engraving as well. You can choose or suggest a design. You may also want it to be simple or just your loved ones’ names or initials. However you want it to be personalized, you always have the option to add a touch of creativity to your choice of frames made from silver.