Simmons Luxaire Mattress – A Buyer’s Guide

For couples who want a mattress with motion separation but have individual support requirements, the Simmons Luxaire Mattress might just be the answer to a good night’s sleep.

Many couples loose sleep because of each others tossing and turning during the night. Mattress manufacturers have come up with various types of mattresses that offer motion separation, so that the movement of one partner does not disturb the sleep of the other. The types of mattresses offered to consumers have ranged from water mattresses, to pocket coil springs mattresses, to memory foam mattresses. Indeed, Simmons has produced all three types of these mattresses; the Simmons Natural Spring, the Simmons Beautyrest, and the Simmons Beautyrest with memory foam, respectably. And, whilst all of these mattress types do offer some degree of motion separation, the one thing they don’t offer is the degree of support offered to each partner.

It is not unusual for one partner to be much heavier, by comparison, than the other, which means that each sleeper requires a different degree of support from the mattress they’re sleeping on. Conventional mattresses have been unable to offer motion separation whilst at the same time, offer the individual support for the sleeper. This is where the Simmons Luxaire Mattress comes into its own.

The Simmons Beautyrest Luxaire Mattress, unlike conventional mattresses, has been designed to offer different comfort levels for both sides of the bed. The Luxaire mattress is an air mattress, where the left and right sides of the dual-chamber air mattress inflate and deflate separately with hand controls, so both sleepers can enjoy personal comfort without disrupting the other’s sleep. This means that both sleepers can adjust the support to their own, individual requirements.

Not only, does the Simmons Beautyrest Luxaire mattress, allow each sleeper to adjust the comfort to their individual needs, the Luxaire mattress also comes with two controls – so you don’t have to wrestle with each other.

The Simmons Luxaire mattress comes with the following features:

1. Dual-chamber airbed with heavy-duty rubber air chambers – for personalized, adjustable comfort.

2. Ergonomic controls – backlit LEDs reflect firmness levels. Auto-fill and memory features.

3. The mattress cover is a diamond-quilted, floral damask Lyocell , which make the mattress durable, soft and breathable.

4. The Simmons Luxaire comes with solid wood foundation and quilted fabric – there is a pouch on each side for hand controls.

5. Euro-top comfort layer – 2″ tri-zoned memory foam is denser in the center, which is where you need the most support.

6. Visco-elastic memory foam – conforms to the exact shpre of your body, thus alleviating pressure point – especially good for those who suffer back problems.

7. StayPure satin comfort sleeve – zippered for easy removal and cleaning.

8. Protective, 6-1/2″ pre-assembled foam-based tray, with a reinforced center and vinyl encased barrier, which prevents moisture from reaching the foam.

9. Whisper-quiet air compressor – designed for quicker response time and quiet inflation/deflation.

10. Simmons will set-up the new mattress and foundation and takes away your old one.

11. UL listed computerized air compressor.

12. The Simmons Luxaire mattress complies with California flammability requirements.

13. The Simmons Luxaire mattress comes in King or California King size.

14. The Beautyrest Luxaire mattress comes with manufacturer’s 2-year full and 18-year prorated limited warranties.

The Simmons Beautyrest Luxaire mattress is the perfect answer for couples who want motion separation, but also want different degrees of support. It’s an expensive mattress, but it does deliver the support each partner’s wants and should last a lifetime. It’s one of the best mattresses available for couples. With the Simmons Beautyrest Luxaire mattress two beds become one.