Simple and Easy British Bulldog Soccer Warm Up Game

Soccer British Bulldog

A simple game of Britist Bulldog using footballs as a warm-up exercise.You need between 10 and 20 players for this game

  1. Mark out a pitch size of 20 yards square.
  2. Divide the players, with 15 at one end of the square, all with a football leach and 5 in the middle of the square without a football.
  3. Each player with the ball has to advance from their side of the square to the opposite side, dribble the ball at their feet as they run towards the other end.
  4. The players without a ball in the middle of the square have to tackle the players with the ball and kick the ball out of the square.
  5. A player who loses his ball then becomes a player in the middle who now has to tackle the ball from the players with the balls.
  6. When a player gets to the end of the square successfully with the ball he has to wait until instructed to run again.
  7. As more and more players are tackled, then there are more and more tacklers.
  8. The winner is the last player with the ball at his feet.

This exercise is used as a warm-up game before the session starts. It promotes tackling and also close ball control and skill. The players also benefit from closing down the opponent with the ball and using their strength to hold the opponent up.

All the players love playing this game as it pits their skills against their opponents. In traditional British Bulldog, there is always a concern that a child could get hurt, but because this is soccer and the players are practicing the discipline of football, they are much less likely to suffer and injury, even less so than during a match.

We use this game in our club on a regular basis, not every session, but every 2 or 3 sessions and it goes down really well with the players.

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