Simple Carpet Care Tips

Owning carpet is a good experience as it gives your home and office a fresh look. A clean carpet creates a nice aura in the living area. Over time due to wear and tear, your carpet deteriorates away and becomes unattractive. So, carpet care is as much important as laying it in your home. A new carpet needs a good investment, so it's better to take care of the existing one and make it look brand new! Some people find carpet care a tedious and cumbersome process. We bring here a few simple carpet care tips, which which one can not only protect his carpet from teasing away but also prolong its life and looks.

Use door mats
Use dust absorbing door mats at the entrance of main doors and each room. This will ensure less accumulation of dust and dirt on your carpet. Due to this, your carpet would require less cleaning and vacuuming, which would inevitably enhance its long-lastingness.

Keep it Dry
Protect your carpet from water as much as possible. In case, if water or some other liquid like tea or coffee gets spilled on it, use an absorbent pad to soak excess liquid. Immediately use a stain remover to eliminate the blot and vacuum clean if required.

Use Carpet Padding
Lay one or two thick layers of old rugs with a plastic sheets under your carpet. This will provide a better under footing and improved life of the carpet. The rugs lying under carpet help absorb dirt in them and protect the carpet from wearing out soon. Make sure that you clean these rugs on a regular basis in order to remove excess dust from them.

Keep Shoes Away
Remove your shoes or sandals away while moving on the carpet. 70 percent of dirt comes in home through shoes. If you will adopt this habit of removing shoes, this will greatly help keep you carpet clean and nice.

Move Furniture Carefully
If you have placed heavy furniture on your carpet, make sure that you move it occasionally and carefully, otherwise it can lead to crushing and tearing of the carpet. If you have wheeled furniture, it is advised to place small ply boards between carpet and the furniture wheels.

Use Proper Cleaning Aids
Use proper carpet cleaning aids such as vacuum cleaners, stain removers, absorbent pads, carpet shampoos or detergents, etc. in order to keep your carpet clean and beautiful. Always use a mild detergent to clean you carpet so that it does not damage the delicate fibers of you carpet. Cleaning can be done by several methods including Shampooing, Dry Foam, Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning, etc.

Keep your pets away
Your adorable pets can rip up your expensive carpets by their nails, so it's better to keep them away from it. Pet stains are hard to remove and require serious efforts to get rid of. Clean your carpet with a good detergent and stain remover, in case your pets they leave a spot on it.

Regular maintenance is also required for keeping your carpets clean and in a good condition. So get your carpets cleaned at least thrice a year, as this will greatly help you preserve its life and beauty.