Simple Flag Storage

Seasonal and holiday flags are often seen adorning homes and lawns across the nation. From Valentine's Day to Easter; from Flag Day to the Fourth of July; from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas; and from equinox to equinox, a festive spirit abounds during each holiday season. And that spirit is what is reflected on lawns and flagpoles. As the months and seasons change, so do the flags. This makes storage and accessibility important to preserving your favorite seasonal and holiday flags. So, how can your flags be stored during the off-season, but easily accessed when the time comes to use them again?

Dowels are perhaps one of the most valuable and useful supplies used in wood crafts and projects. Frequently, they are used as a part of the building process. However, they are so versatile that, in some cases, they can be used as stand-alone supplies. When it comes to our flag storage project here, they are just that.

Based on the length and width, the bulk of the material comprising the flag, and the number of flags you wish to store on each dowel, select a dowel that will accommodate the size of your flag and storage space. During the off-season, simply roll your flag over the dowel. Consider tautly securing the flag over the dowel by using small safety pins on either end. Conforming the flag to the shape of the dowel also maintains its shape, preventing wrinkles and creases that may need to be ironed or steamed out before displaying the following season.

There are several ways to go about storing the rolled flags. Simple method is One to hammer nails into the storage place and then set the wood Dowel – upon – it. Perhaps a method more to a seasoned woodworker's liking would be to use two pieces of wood equal in all dimensions and carve notches upon which, or into which, the dowels can be placed. Once the notches are carved, the pieces of wood can be mounted congruently on a wall, in a closet, or in another storage compartment.

If mounting is not an option or is not a preferred option, consider purchasing PVC pipes with dimensions large enough to encompass the width of the dowel plus the width of the rolled flag or flags covering it. This will accommodate upright storage, perhaps making the most of limited space in a hallway closet or storage cabinet.

As a side note, this same concept can be applied to other storage needs that may have multiple themes. For example, gift wrap and ribbon for various events, including children's birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and Christmas, can also be stored on and easily accessed using hardwood dowel. The circular nature of the dowel will also facilitate easy rolling out of the paper and ribbon for measuring and cutting purposes.

The versatility of dowel makes for creative outcomes!