Simple Middle East Peace Plan

I. Wars are basic conflicts over land.

Ii. Boundaries. The state of israel shall basically be her pre-1967 borders, except for their municipal jurisdiction in Jerusalem. The boundaries of the state of palestine shall be the west bank and gaza. The boundaries of syria shall be her pre-1967 borders.

Iii. Citizenship. Jewish people currently living in the new palestinian state shall automatically become jewish citizens of the new palestinian state; Palestinian people currently living in israel will automatically become israeli citizens; Jewish people currently living in syria shall automatically become jewish citizen's of syria.

Iv. Immigration. The rights of jewish persons to travel and live in the new palestinian state and the rights of palestinian persons to travel and live in israel will be equal. The government in the actual country of immigration shall set the laws, executive and judicial decisions and acts governing travel and immigration.

V. Jerusalem. The rights of all people to travel and pray in the walled city of Jerusalem will not be restricted. The walled city of Jerusalem will be sacred land with equal sovereignty and rights to all religions, peoples and persons who honor the faith of abraham. Both israeli and palestinian citizenship and dual citizenship will be allowed for the residents of jerusalem.

Vi. Jurisdiction. The government's sovereignty over private and public property rights; And civil and criminal claims and complaints shall be that government's in the actual land of the country of usage and occurrence. Palestine, israel and syria agree to drop any and all past property, political, civil, criminal, private and public claims and complaints between and among each nations, peoples, persons, citizens and residents. All nations, peoples, persons, citizens and residents agree to honor and respect the government's sovereignty of new legislative, executive and judicial decisions and actions. Israel, palestine and syria agree to be bound by any final appeal vote.

Vii. Foremost rights will be given to the current user and use.

Viii. Capitols. The rights of israel to have their existing capitol building in Jerusalem, and the rights of palestine to have their capitol building in ramallah will not be restricted.

Ix. Demilitarization. Upon the prime minister's approval of the palestinian, israeli and syrian people, this agreement will become operational. Israeli demilitarization to her basic borders will begin october 31, 2004 and be effective by may 1, 2005. Thereafter, the territories that were occupied will remain demilitarized by israel, palestine and syria.

X. Final appeal. Any final appeal or determination will be determined by a majority vote by a three person committee made up of a palestinian, israeli and american minister. A majority vote is a requirement to hear a final appeal or determination.