Simple Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing

The golf swing. Wherever you look these days you can see articles, magazines and programs that offer tips on improving your golf swing. So why are golfers not perfecting their swings? Could it be that because the process of rebuilding a golf swing is a difficult task for a pro with a swing coach let alone someone who hopes to achieve perfection using articles downloaded from the internet? Most recreational golfers do not have the time or the money to hire a swing coach to perfect their swings. So what can the average golfer do to get better?

If you're a recreational golfer you're probably just looking for simple pointers on improving your golf swing so that you get solid contact on a more regular basis. The following tips should provide you with more consistent contact every single time you are out, whether you are playing nine, eighteen or are just brushing up on the driving range.

Swing Tip # 1

Your arms have very little to do with a good golf swing! Think about it as putting your golf club behind your back while turning your back towards the target. It's like taking the golf club back and hinging your arm at the shoulder. Also, if you do not think about where your arms are going at the beginning and the end of your swing, you're less likely to bend your left elbow on the back swing. Try to take away any reason you have to bend your elbow.

Swing Tip # 2

Cock your wrists! If you take your club back straight like everyone tells you without cocking your wrists then you will never un-cock your wrists. Not cocking your wrists leads to a whole host of problems that more often than not leads to a shanked golf shot. Try a swing without cocking your wrists. You will see how this can only lead to a bad shot. Remember, as long as your wrists are cocked at 90 degrees at the top of your swing you should be alright.

Swing Tip # 3

Try to keep your feet on the ground. By letting the front foot heel come off the ground during the back swing you lose the torque that is generated by twisting your body. It takes a bit to get used to doing this and also requires flexibility but you will generate more power. Let your foot roll to the inside, but keep that foot on the ground use it to anchor your swing.

Swing Tip # 4

Trigger your down swing with your hips not your shoulders. As most of your power comes from your lower body so this is where the down swing should be initiated. This will allow you to generate more power and more consistent golf shots.

Swing Tip # 5

Turn your waist towards the target. After your follow-through your waist should be facing the target. Most people turn their hips to the target but quite often it's just an afterthought. Try turning your hips as fast and powerful as possible. This ensures that you will have a smooth & powerful finish and your drives should start going noticeably longer and straighter.
These are few tips that have worked for me but like anything, practice is the key. Spend some time on the range trying these tips. Chances are you'll get results.

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