Simple Tricks To Remove Mold From Tiles

Mold is every bathroom's worst nightmare! They make the bathroom look disgusting and they can have an adverse effect on your health. The reason for this is that mold can pollute the air that you breathe, making you and your family just to allergens. So, you will need to know the correct ways on how to remove mold from tiles to keep your toilet clean and not hazardous to your family's health.

The thing with molds is that there are various stages of cleaning to remove the mold. Let's tackle first the steps on how to remove mold from tiles if the growth is relatively mild. For this, you will need rubber gloves, bucket, sponge, spray bottle, baking soda, apple cider vinegar and warm water. Start by mixing a gallon of water with a cup of baking soda and a half a cup of vinegar. Shake it very well. Next, pour some of the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution in the affected area, spraying as liberally as you can. Leave the solution to soak for about 3 to 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, check to see if the mold can now be cleaned off by wiping away an inch of the solution. If the molds clean right off, you can begin scrubbing off the molds. If not, leave it for 10 more minutes then repeat the mold check before wiping it away. Once the tiles are cleaned from molds, rinse the tiles with cold water. The acid smell of the vinegar should also be washed away after your rinsing process.

If the mold is not new most likely it has left a stain. For moderately tough mold stains on tiles, you need to use chlorine bleach. In using chlorine, you will need the following cleaning materials, spray bottle, chlorine bleach, warm water, scouring pad, toothbrush, bucket and gloves. To begin, you will need to first create the cleaning solution. Mix one part chlorine to three parts water in a bucket, mix the solution well. Once mixed, transfer some of it in a spray bottle. Spray the tough stains with the chlorine mix, being careful not to spray near your face as this mixture can irritate your eyes. Leave the solution for 30 minutes so that it can really get into the stained tiles and grout. Once the solution has soaked, with a scouring pad, scrub the molds away. For the grout or the portion in between the tiles, use a toothbrush so you can really focus on the scrubbing motion on the molds in that area. After you finished cleaning the molds away, rinse the tiles with cold water.

For tough mold stains that even bleach can not take care of, it is time to use industrial or commercial tile cleaners. These are available in supermarkets or hardware stores. If you will end up using such heavy-duty cleaners, make sure you use appropriate protection such as mask and gloves. The trick is to remove mold asap, hopefully before it leaves a stain. Also, leave the bathroom door wide open and the windows fully opened as you clean so that the fumes will not make you dizzy. These cleaners should already be able to remove stubborn mold stains from tiles.