Sinus Drainage – How the Answer to Some Simple Questions Could Lead You to the Right Solution

Enough is enough! Have you ever said that to yourself after a particularly difficult bout with sinus drainage–or PND, post nasal drip, as physicians often call it? Let me offer you a simple approach, as a suggestion, to tackle this miserable sinus ailment. I had it myself for many years until I took matters into my own hands, and with my Maker’s help, I was able to find a sensible approach to eliminating it.

Have you noticed if your excessive sinus drainage recurs at rather regular intervals? For example:

  • Every year early in the Spring, Summer
  • During the Fall when there are many leaves on the ground decaying
  • When driving, walking, etc., by or close to a field with a standing crop
  • During harvest time of a particular crop
  • When walking or engaged in some activity where close by weeds are profusely growing
  • At certain times of the year when a specific kind of tree is flowering
  • When visiting, shopping, or otherwise you are close to flowers and you begin to sneeze or drainage starts to bother you

Is your answer Yes to any one or a combination of the above situation(s)? Then you probably have an allergy for the pollen(s) of the particular plant or tree involved. An allergy reaction does not always come in the form of drainage. It could be in the form of: yellow mucus or clear, sinus congestion, pressure, pain (headache, etc), In fact, sometimes the person has a combination of these symptoms at the same time; this used to be my case.

Depending on the severity of the drainage problem–in terms of discharge color: yellow mucus or clear or green and the irritation to membranes–you may or may not want to go see the doctor about having a set of allergies tests made. If the case is not too severe and lasts just a few weeks out of the year–while the particular plant or tree flower you may be allergic to is blooming–a possible solution to consider is the following:

  • The use of a nondrowsy antihistamine such as loratadine (Claritin) – 10 mg, which is sold over-the-counter
  • Drinking lots of plain, pure water – at least 6 glasses a day
  • Cutting back “drastically” on mucus and phlegm producing foods
  • Cutting back on foods made from refined grains, e.g., white flower, white rice, etc.
  • If the discharge turns to a dark yellow mucus I would go see a physician

If in fact your sinus drainage is caused by pollens, the above four steps will probably solve your allergy symptoms, especially if you decide to conscientiously abide by them.