Sinus Drainage – The Allergy Factor

One common ailment that affects millions is sinus drainage. In many cases this can be dealt with successfully. A few tips offered here could make the difference between this sinus misery and being free from it. Frankly, the answer could be simpler than many think. For example consider allergies.

House dust

There are many types of house dust–at least this is what an allergy specialist will tell you. Some people have cats and/or dogs living inside their homes and inherit their pets’ dander. Some of us, don’t have pets. This is one reason why dust may vary from house to house. One way to find out if you are allergic to house dust is to get real close to the carpet or floor and breath in some of the dust and see what happens. Often, depending on how allergic you may be to it, the reaction is almost instantaneous. Or it may take a few minutes to manifest itself. If you are not sure of the result you can see an allergy specialist and most likely he would be glad to run a test on several kinds of house dust and see which one you may be allergic to. The test is done on the arm by injecting a small amount of serum from house dust.

Plant pollens

You may be allergic to a few pollens or to many and in various degrees. If you suspect a specific flower from shrubs, trees, weeds, etc., that you may be allergic to get real close to it and sniff some of the pollen and see what happens. In some cases the reaction is quite potent, so you may want to approach the plant or tree gradually before breathing deeply close to it. As with house dust there are tests that can be administered to find out for sure the degree of any allergy to pollens. I was allergic to several pollens and once I began to receive allergy injections on a regular basis for several weeks my sinus drainage was reduced by about 80 percent.


Our modern society demands a variety of chemicals to make our lives more comfortable. The problem is that some of them can be quite potent and produce allergic reactions in certain persons. Certain brands of bath soaps, laundry detergents, deodorants, bath room cleansers, room fresheners, etc., could be the cause of an allergic reaction that in turn triggers the sinus drainage. So you may want to experiment a bit and see if any of these items could have a chemical or other substance that is at least part of the cause of your excessive sinus drainage.


It usually pays to be observant and willing to spend some time checking elements in your environment which you could be allergic to and that are the main cause of your excessive sinus drainage.