Sinus Drainage

Sinus drainage is basically the over production of mucus and blockage of the sinuses that is caused by irritation of the nasal lining. What happens during this process is that as an irritant like dust or pet dander enters the nose defences try to get rid of the irritant by releasing histamines, which end up worsening the condition rather than solving it. Irritants or allergens are not only natural; these can also be from man-made things like cigarettes, pollution and so on.

The inflammation in the sinuses does not only cause blockage but it can also leave individuals with headaches, body aches and post nasal drip from the inability to drain.

Causes of sinus drainage

There are with no doubt ample reasons how sinus drainage is caused but the one reason is that the body produces a large amount of mucus every single day and this mucus has to exit the body at some point. Now if the nose is blocked there’s no other way for the mucus to exit rather than down the throat. Here a few common reasons for the cause of sinus drainage:

  • Having an allergy to common allergens like pollen, mold, dust
  • Being excessively exposed to bacteria or viruses when you have a weaker immune system
  • Accidentally hurting the nose structure and passages
  • Having nasal growths like nasal polyps or tumours

How to avoid getting sinus drainage

Below are precautions that can be taken in the avoidance of sinus drainage.

  • Limit your chances of getting the common cold by keeping a healthy immune system
  • It is difficult to just quit smoking but you have to try your best especially if your health is in questioning
  • Treat all kinds of respiratory infections properly by visiting a doctor about effective treatment
  • If you suspect that allergies are the problem, get yourself to an allergy specialist.
  • Live a healthy life, be aware of the environment you are in and drink lots of water!

Treating Sinus Drainage

There are many ways of treating this kind of sinus problem. One could choose to go all natural or medicated, at the end of the day it is merely about what the patient is best suitable with and how serious their sinus problem is.

Generally, sinus drainage medication involves the following:

Nasal sprays or nasal decongestants: These are a great way to get rid of a blocked sinus fast but they should not be used constantly and for too long otherwise they cause an aggravation in initial symptoms.

Sinus medication: As mentioned before there are different kinds of this medication, and it reduces inflammation and helps with the draining of mucus. These may take up to three days to completely relieve symptoms.

Hydration: One cannot emphasis enough on how important it is to stay completely hydrated while you have a nasal blockage. Hydration can achieved through drinking herbal teas, chicken soup and so on.

You can get to a point whereby your sinus blockage is so bad that only surgery can help you. This is usually at the stage of chronic sinusitis.